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Hi, I'm Cracky McSparechange

Currently Hobo's Guild

Victims of Cracky

Date: 9-10-06 Name: Nathan Wild Item Stole: $.50
Date: 9-10-06 Name: SWAT Officer Item Stole:$.50
Date: 9-11-06 Name: TimothyTaylor Item Stole:$.50
Date: 9-11-06 Name: niere Item Stole:$.50
Date: 9-14-06 Name: LoboMau Item Stole:Pipe
Date: 9-14-06 Name: Bicher Item Stole:Cloak, priest vestments and rosary
Date: 9-15-06 Name: Dranawor Item Stole:$.50
Date: 9-15-06 Name: Mr Stitches Item Stole:$.50
Date: 9-16-06 Name: Winston Sebastopol Item Stole:Glasses & Labcoat
Date: 9-18-06 Name: silvergrey Item Stole:Antique camera, antique katana & black feather duster
Date: 9-18-06 Name: Corporal Kep Item Stole:Ruger SP-101 & Mossberg M590A1
Date: 9-22-06 Name: Goth Hick Item Stole:Tuxedo topcoat, battered top hat & stogie
Date: 9-22-06 Name: Son of Kronk Item Stole:Wrestling mask

Crack'y Cash


People Who've Robbed Cracky

Date: 9-23-06 Name: Mr Sandmann