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Craft Amano
RAF.pngRAF Private.jpg
Joined: 2006-12-30 16:57:00
Rank: Private
Character Class: Cop
Current Level: 1
Primary Weapon: Pistol
Secondary Weapon Knife(when i find one:)
Current Status: Alive!
Location: Roftwood
Kills: 0
Revives: 0
Group: Roftwood Assault Force

You know,i dont get something. Why the Heck am i sitting on a dead bodie and craping in his mouth?Quote made by Craft Amano, somewhere in Roftwood

Gun.jpg Trigger Happy
This user has guns. Do not cross them.
Redskull.jpg Violence is quicker
Both diplomacy and violence solve problems. But violence is quicker.
Pkdaythumb.jpg Body Count
Craft Amano has killed 0 zombies.
ZombieHand.gif Proud To Be Alive
This user is a survivor and proud of it.
Weapons.JPG Weapon of Choice
This user's weapon of choice is his Pistol.
800px-Flag of the United States.svg.png American
This user is American.
Squad.jpg Firing Squad
This user thinks we should just shoot Your Mom and get it over with.
Noose.jpg The Ropes
This user thinks we should show DORIS the ropes.

Boom boom baby.jpg

Craft Amano
Joined: 2006-12-30 16:57:00
Character class: Cop
Favorite equipment: Pistol
Character profile: Urban Dead profile
Current status: Alive
Character group: RAF
Character stats: 0 kills
Journal: None for Craft Amano


Craft Was born 24 years before the outbreak began in a poor cuban noibher hood. But Craft was a mix between Cuban and Irish. The prolpe in his nebighor dant exaulty like these so called "Mix Breeds". After induring 10 years of bieng picked on, Craft fianlly found a job working as a shop keepers cleaner. After working a few years at that, Craft dieced to Start carrying a pistol in his car because of the incrasing death rates in his hood. Thats when he meet his girl friend, Maria Cmaeron, a daugter of a local Auto- Repair shop owner. # days before the wedding the outbreak came, maria manged to flee the city but must of the peolpe in the Gettho didnt make it. So thats when Craft hid in a local Police Depmart. And now hes fighting for surival.


Basic Firearms Training

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