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Criminally Insane

Criminally Insane -
Character Details: Criminally Insane
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Member of LoD Serial Killer Extraordinaire!
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<center>@$)#He had never been outside before...*^(#</center>

Criminally Insane, aka Zachary Karl

Born- 1989

Kidnapped- 1991

Freed- 2009

CI was abducted by the PSA (Psychological Services of America) in 1991 for testing. He had always been an odd child… He was subjected to harrowing, nay, mind warping mental aptitude tests, permanently destroying all capacity for developing an ego and superego. The only object he had to console himself to sleep at night was an empty cardboard box…

After twenty years of testing, CI finally woke up with a murderous glint in his eye. He donned his cardboard box, broke the lights and waited for the PSA staff to come get him. Clinging to the padded ceiling of his cell, he dropped onto the burly guards and proceeded to beat them to death with their roll-call clipboard. While he did this, however, the door closed, locking CI and the two dead bodies inside his cell, the blood staining the white padding. Sitting there in a pool of blood in the Darkness, CI hallucinated:

A mime, shadowed not by light, but rather than the antilight generated by her presence, was standing where the door used to be? CI was confused, but not frightened. His insatiable curiosity kicked in, and he spoke: “_@$^__!+!!+@#+$$?!”

The mime said “The time for the Darkness is nigh…but not yet. Be free Insano!”

So CI stood, dripping blood, and wandered towards the mime. Everything went black, CI lost sense of time.

When he awoke, he was outside his cell, still coated in wet blood. “@$)^_@_!_!!!” said CI. Again, he was confused. That shouldn’t’ve been possible!

Anyway, he shrugged and continued to prowl the psychiatric hospital, killing everyone inside. Each one died in excruciatingly new and painful ways (You don’t want to know what he can do with a tongue depressor!). He continued his adventures in America, killing (perceived) superheros and even the President himself with a ball point pen. The clicking was heard for miles.

Fed up with his adventures in SunShineLand, Crazy hallucinated once more, the mime appearing again:

“You will come to Britain, to Malton. There are many lollipops, needles and joy there! You can do anything a man can want, and death is not the end. Beware the bad men though, Insano! They will try to tempt you into servitude. You remember how that ended last time, don’t you?”


“Good. That’s what I thought! Now come here you!”

CI stumbled towards the mime, once again plummeting into the Darkness.

He awoke in the Vine Cinema in Lockettside, where his “talents” at brutally killing things was quickly noticed and capitalized on by the Brotherhood of the Reckoning. They taught him how to speak, though his speech impediment continues to haunt him. It was during a long and overly convoluted TBOTR escapade revolving around the Promised Land that CI finally met his muse the mime: Psychotic Pantomime!

He quickly joined sides with the mime and her cohort, the Legends of Darkness. He had finally found a home.

Likes: Blood, candy, bones, dead things

Dislikes: Rorschach tests, anything medicinal or psychiatric related

Powers: periodic uncontrollable flashbacks, constant theme music by Sulek, innovative attack techniques/ability to kill with anything, perpetual confusion

Effects: Cardboard box, red tie

What is the Darkness?

$)^@What price did I pay the Darkness? I paid my fealty to it, as I had lost my sanity long ago.$@)^@

@$_$I have gained all and lost nothing; loyalty comes natural to the human mind.@)$^

)$^@Power is mine. Vengeance is mine. Life is mine. Death is mine. All is mine.$@^)

)@$%Does your feeble ideal grant you that sort of freedom?$^)@

@$)%Freedom is meant to be unlimited.$@)^

@^)$LoD: freedom without bounds$^)@

-}$+What price wouldn't you pay for this?#%&&


In Memory of:

Brad1.jpg Remembered Forever
Brad Glore: Dec. 17, 1974 - Sept. 11th, 2009

Remembered by many for his respect & ability to make you laugh.
Most of all, for saving me.



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Criminally Insane has finally gone off the deep end!
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Samhaintemplatepic.jpg Samhain Slaughter III
Criminally Insane trick-or-treated at Dowdney Mall, Nov 1 of 2009.


For those I personally touched by the Darkness


LODvictim.jpg Touched by the Darkness
I've been touched by the Darkness and it was good!


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