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Good Morning Tasty! Good Morning Tasty! GMT Breakfast Club Good Morning Tasty! Good Morning Tasty!
 Horde Numbers 
About 10

Recruitment Policy

1. Be a zombie
2. PM Chloe

Chief Connoisseur

About me

Joined: 9th August 2011
Class: Zombie
Level: 27
UD Profile: Chloe Freeguard
Group: GMT Breakfast Club
Role: Recruitment and Propaganda Division
Favourite Pastime: BARHAH
Favourite Breakfast: Brain Cakes


A new awakening

Chloe opened her eyes and rose from her slumber with a sudden craving for brains. However, the sharp sting of artificial lighting pierced her vision, making sure that she didn't notice the approaching footsteps of a survivor holding a shotgun. "DIE ZOMBI SKUM!" shouted the survivor as he unloaded both barrels directly at Chloe. She went down but it was only the beginning, within a week of her new unlife, she had been headshot 3 more times and combat revived 5 times.

The GMT Breakfast Club

The GMT Breakfast Club is the oldest running zombie strike team in all of Malton and Chloe is proud to call these fine connoisseurs her comrades in arms. Whilst she is by far the youngest member, she has always been made to feel at home and has now eaten 10k worth of brains with the Brekkie Club.

The Ridleybank Resistance Front

Within the RRF, Chloe is often the very first member of the horde new members will meet as she handles recruitment and guides new members of the horde. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesistate to PM her and she will be happy to answer any questions you may have. She has spent time striking with all of the pure zombie strike teams - Constables, Team America, Auxinit 10 and of course GMT Breakfast Club and spent time with the DoHS and Praetorian Guard. However, she does not qualify for Gore Corps due to a lack of gun skills.

Seeking the light

Chloe doesn't happen to have Brain Rot and is therefore susceptible to the vile harman tactic of Combat Revive. However, despite the seeming danger that tactic normally confers, since Chloe has no gun or weapon skills, she is perfectly harmless in harman form. Or is she? Chloe will often spend her free time gathering spray cans and in the process spreading the word of barhah throughout Malton. She once tried to chat with harmanz whilst in that form but everytime, her polite entreaties resulted in violence. In the process, she learned never to trust vile harman scum and that the only individuals you can trust are those who are one with the barhah.


Barhah is the spirit of comradery that all zombies share. It is about playing fair, putting the needs of the horde above those of oneself, and rejecting the worst traits of humanity, politics and treachery. Barhah is feeding kills to babah zambahs who need the exp more than you do. Barhah is idling on top of the stack to protect the babah from headshots. Barhah is rejecting zombie spying and doing your fair share of smashing down the cades. Barhah is the duty we all share to defend our homeland from the interlopers. Without barhah, we are nothing.

Fine Dining

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