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I've been playing Urban Dead for almost 5 years now and I pretty much concentrates on rebuilding, revival, healing and shooting zombies on Urban Dead as well as resource building status reporting here on this wiki.

I'm mostly traveling alone and not in any group but do say hi if you see me in game.

Current activities

28 August 2013 - I finally managed to log into my account... only to see the massive dramamamama on the recent changes. What the hell - did we have an influx of kindergartners? Is this normal? Was I spoiled by the lack of drama for months? Dear lawd. Someone also called me boring on twitter. *tears*

12 August 2013 - I'm enjoying a little too much playing from the other side. Pretty sure some people absolutely hates me now. It's a slippery slope...

7 August 2013 - So I finally gained all the skills needed to join a certain team /o/ Well, not all the items needed but I'm working on that *shifty* Factories are still churning out fuel cans, dumped 50ap and I've got 2 fuel cans, 3 crowbars and 6 pipes in a lit factory. This is beginning to get ridiculous. I'll go check the odds elsewhere. Unrelated but I dare anyone to sit in a fort for a few days and not go stir crazy. I'm halfway to grabbing a knife and stab someone.

1 August 2013 - Some weird things are definitely happening with the search rates. I've an alt who just sits and searches all day and all they could find this week in the factory are lots of toolbox, knives, fire axe and fuel cans. Lots of fuel cans. Not one generator in sight after dumping almost 250ap. On the contrary there's another place where you can find generators pretty easily today for some weird reason. This needs more research. I'll go back to the lecture on what's fruits, vegetables and herbs now. Hah the more you know...

29 July 2013 - Not sure where they've moved towards but those zergs definitely have migrated to another burb since I'm pretty sure they didn't idle out. There are at least 12 of them and if you found one, you can be sure the rest are around. The ones I managed to tag in their two month stint of salting the land are zombie george bush, one angry zombie, lord of the negros, poop in your mouth, a big bad nigger, Dee Composin, Formalde Heidy, Corroded Carl, Disgustin' Justin, Smelly Kelly, Rotting Richard and Brainz James. Whoever running them is not very effective but they're annoying alright. What's with all the zerg zombie hordes? Ruxmin and Ze Purist are another problem.

28 July 2013 - People need to stop reviving my z indiscriminately without even bothering to extract DNA. I've been revived 5 times in 2 days. Do Malton have a syringe surplus and people just can't wait to dispose theirs? This kind of behavior is what turns zombies into death cultists really. On a side note, every time I look at the stat page I get sad :(

27 July 2013 - So I'm anywhere but with the Bash. I thought of rejoining the horde but I keep getting distracted by so much food lying on the street. They're mostly soft, tender and taste like veal. Two days ago I had two person with 10-20hp appearing in front of me to be eaten and didn't run away at all. That's weird. Right now I'm at a tricky juncture of moving northwards but I'm distracted by yet another meal. I'm not sure if my zombie is in heaven or in hell.

6 July 2013 Not sure if my 'stock up bad literature in Quartly to confuse the zombies' plan failed or was a success. On one hand we had a great pancake breakfast and barbecue which attracted almost 30 zombies, on the other hand we all died. Probably wasn't the best plan, those zombies might have thought they were in a generic bookstore and were angry they couldn't find the gossip trash magazines. Live and learn I guess. Someone need to tell Sunny to get up from his dirtnapping or he's gonna ruin his complexion. I don't think dirt works as an alternative to the mud facial mask, no matter how persuasive that rotting dirt salesman was.

3 July 2013 - So every time it's because I accidentally clicked on something that I found out something new. Not sure if anyone noticed but there was a mini update for Malton's anniversary. I actually do like this update. Now if only the other thing I want could be implemented. Anyway it looks like Rogue Gallery is also back up along with the profile database (when did it came back online? I found out about this 'cause I accidentally clicked a button). Sorry for the incoherency of this status, I'm severely lacking of sleep.

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Finished work: Hospital Information Center
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