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Mission Statement:

Who we are: The small but fierce band known only as 10 minutes from hell (really cool name, no?) was created for the purpose of releasing the suburb of Molebank from zombie infestation, as well as expanding into other areas. They may be only 10 minutes from hell, but they will fight to the end.
We are not PKers. We do not bounty hunt. We are not dual-natured players. We are first and always SURVIVORS.

Here and now: We are currently active in Molebank. If you need a heal, a revive, or some backup, we will do all we can to help. Some members stick to a particular safehouse or location, offering support to those there, while others are more mobile, patrolling Molebank and sometimes the surrounding suburbs.

Did you know?: 10 minutes from hell founded Malton College of Medicine at St. George's Hospital in Greentown, and continues to offer MCM ongoing support. Many faculty members are experienced 10mfh'ers!

Future plans: In Molebank, 10 minutes from hell would one day like to open a Rotter Revive Clinic. Time will tell. We are currently working on reviving our ruined 'burb.

10 minutes from hell
10 minutes from Hell Crest
Survivor Tools
1 #Introduction
2 #Firefox
2.1 #Firefox Add-on Installation and Management
2.2 #Firefox Add-on Security Settings
3 #Greasemonkey
4 #UD Useful Add-ons
4.1 #Greasemonkey Scripts
4.1.1 # Mass Contacts
4.1.2 # Refresh Button
4.1.3 # Building state colors
4.1.4 # Bigger Speach Box
4.1.5 # Inventory combiner
4.1.6 # Profile Viewer
4.2 # UD Tool
4.3 # UD Toolbar
4.4 #ScreenGrab
5# Alternate Character Management Tools
5.1 Standard Zerging Disclamer
5.2 Character Skills Tracker
5.3 Character Tactical Tracking
6 #DEM Tools
6.1 [#Revive Tool]
6.2 [#Rogue Gallery]

Before all this un-dead foolishness started the sleepy Malton suburb of Molebank was a nice place to live and raise a family. Now Molebank is as far from nice as you're likely to find and life expectancy for an unprepared survivor can be measured in minutes.

If you expect to last long enough to wake up from your next night's sleep you need to be ready. You need to have the tools and weapons you need to survive and know how to use them.

What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.
- Ecclesiastes 1:9:

Except where noted, these tools are not original to 10mfh. A lot of bright people from all over Malton have done a lot of good work and developed tools and utilities that make the job of staying alive here just that little bit easier.

At 10mfh we realize that we can do more when we work together. Some of us have been at this for some time. As we've traveled through the city we've found things that have worked for us. What follows is a list of things that one or more of our group has used and likes. Our hope is that you'll find something here that works for you too.
We'd love to benefit from your experiences too. If you found a tool that works for you that we don't have here, stop by our group forum 10mfh Forum or come visit us in Molebank and let us know.

Remember we're all in this together.


If you are familiar with the Firefox browser and adjusting configuration settings, you can skip this and the next sections and go right to the tools listings.

The Mozilla Firefox Browser is a full featured internet browser that will run on the more popular desktop/laptop computer operating system platforms. If you don't already have it, downloading and installing Firefox can be easily done from the link above and you can install it without breaking whatever browser you currently use.

Many of the tools we will talk about work only with the Firefox browser so we strongly recommend you adopt it as your first UD tool. One of the cooler features of Firefox is the ability to add functionality to the browser through the use of browser add-ons. Add-ons allow you to change the look, feel, and function of the Firefox browser. Mozilla maintains a library of available add-ons at this location. Have a look at them. You're sure to find something interesting
Among the ocean of add-ons are several extensions that are specifically designed to work with UD, but before you can get them you have to understand how to install and manage Firefox addons. That's up next.

Firefox Add-on Installation and Management

In the next few lines we will attempt to provide a quick tutorial on add-ons in general, and then move to the specifics you need to know to use and install the add-ons mentioned later in the guide. There are much better and more detailed discussions of add-ons available in the Mozilla site and wikki. If you visit there you'll learn all that you could want to know about add-ons and even a quick visit there will prove to you that this secion is in no way a replacement for them.

Add-ons are controlled from an add-on control panel that is accessed off the firefox tools menu. There are three types of add-ons, extensions, themes, and plugins. The items we will be talking about here are extensions.

There are several ways that you can get and install add-ons. The first and easiest way is to use the Get Add-ons option from the Add-ons control panel. This will allow you to search through a library of add-ons that are categorized by type and function to help you find them. This way is easier because the control panel will download and install the add-on for you.

Another way is to find an add-on file, download it and then install it manually into firefox. Once you download the add-on file (*.xpi) select FILE-OPEN FILE from the firefox menu and navigate to the add on file and open it. You'll be presented with a dialog box warning you to only install add-ons from locations you trust and given a choice to install it or not. If you choose to install it, you will be required to re-start firefox to activate it.

Once installed the add-on will appear in the list of installed add-ons and when selected will present you with buttons that will allow you to uninstall, disable or to call up a sub-menu to set add-on specific options.

Firefox Add-on Security Settings

With the release of Firefox version 3 Mozilla included capabilities for add-on version validation, to ensure that an add-on was validated to work with a specific version of Firefox and the capability to require that an add-on will provide secure updates. The default security settings for Firefox version 3 and later REQUIRE an add-on use both of these features to allow them to install.

Unfortunately one of the more useful add-ons we will recommend pre-dates firefox 3 and DOES NOT support these features. There are settings within Firefox that will override the security requirements, but you cannot selectively turn them off. If you turn them off for your UD tools you will turn them off for other tools as well. You should weigh the choice carefully before you choose to disable these settings.

Firefox is a highly configurable product. Many of its configuration settings can be altered using the TOOLS-OPTIONS panel. In addition to these settings Firefox maintains a group of hidden settings. These are managed from tab manages settings using the special about:config tab. details on the about:tab section can be found at this page at the MozillaZine site, and detailed documentation can be found in this MozillaZine Kb Article.

Step by step instructions to disable the two security settings follow. Open a new tab in your browser and enter 'about:config' in the address bar. You will be prompted with a cutesy warning about voiding your warranty which you should acknowledge to get to the hidden preferences screen.

The two settings you need to disable are not listed by default. You will need to create them. Step by step instructions to disable the two security settings follow. Keep this window open and refer back to it as you move through the instructions:
1. Start by copying the first of the two settings into you copy buffer. (Highlight the following text, extensions.checkCompatibility left click and select copy.
2. Open a new tab in your browser and enter about:config in the address bar. You will be presented with a cutesy warning about voiding your warranty.
3. Acknowledge the warning
4. Left click anywhere in the page and and select NEW-BOOLEAN. An entry box for the entry you are adding will appear
5. Paste the setting you copied: extensions.checkCompatibility into the field and hit enter.
6. Set the value for extensions.checkCompatibility to FALSE
7. Return to this page copy the second of the two settings into your copy buffer (highlight the following text and highlight the second setting - extensions.checkUpdateSecurity left click and select copy.
8. Return to the about:config page and left click anywhere on the page and select NEW-BOOLEAN. The entry box for a new value will appear
9. Paste the second value: extensions.checkUpdateSecurity into the field and hit enter
10. Set the value for extensions.checkUpdateSecurity to FALSE

You're done. You have now disabled the checking add-ons for version compatibility and secure updates.

Grease Monkey

Greasemonkey is a web page customization environment that lets you (or a bright person who lets you use their work)customize the way a web page displays using small bits of Java script. Hundreds of Greasemonkey scripts have been written for all kinds of web pages and you will find this tool useful for lots of other things besides UD. You can install Greasemonkey from the GET ADD-ONS item on the ADD-ONS control panel as well as from the the greasemonkey home page, greasespot or from this Greasemonkey link. You'll also find tons of useful greasemonkey scripts at

Once installed you'll see a smiling monkey in the lower right corner of your screen. Clicking the monkey face once will disable greasemonkey. You can re-enable it by clicking the face again. You can also enable/disable greasemonkey as well as manage/disable individual greasemonkey scripts by left clicking the face and choosing the action you wish.

UD Useful Addons

The following sections will document specific Firefox add-ons that can be useful in playing UD. Some are written specifically for UD, others are not UD specific.

Greasemonkey scripts
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