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Record of Scans

NecroWatch NecroNet Scans
Rank 1-- Mobile Technician
Rank 2-- Recon Scout
1: *the Kening Building, East Becktown

2: *the Latrobe Building, Darvall Heights


3: *the Sweeney Building, West Becktown

4: *the Peet Building, Judgewood

5: *the Gracewood Building, Paynterton

6: *the Packe Building, Paynterton

7: *the Caffin Building, Pegton

8: *the Crampton Building, Dunningwood

9: %^the Inman Building, Pescodside

10: %^the Clewett Building, Pescodside

11: the Waish Building, Pescodside

12: the Bridgman Building, Dulston

13: *the Shears Building, Jensentown

14: *the Haslock Building, Quarlesbank

15: the Wallbutton Building, Rhodenbank

16: the Carlyle Building, Rhodenbank

17: the Starr Building, Rhodenbank

18: %^the Devonshire Building, Rhodenbank

19: the Devonshire Building, Rhodenbank

20: %^the Wortley Building, Earletown

21: the Haslock Building, Chancelwood

22: the Shears Building, Jensentown

23: the Goldsworthy Building, Raines Hills

24: the Halay Building, Raines Hills

25: the Vicari Building, Huntley Heights

26: the Nisbet Building, Shearbank

27: *the Turner Building, Shearbank

28: the Whippey Building, Shearbank

29: the Russell Building, Ketchelbank

30: *the Nix Building, Barrville

31: ^the Woolsett Building, Barrville

32: the Telfer Building, Ketchelbank

33: the Russell Building, Ketchelbank

34: *the Staples Building, Ketchelbank

35: *the Lockwood Building, Richmond Hills

36: *the Eagan Building, Barrville

37: *the Evett Building, Quarlesbank

38: the Harraway Building, Chudleyton

39: *the Minshull Building, Chudleyton

40: the Sweeney Building, West Becktown

41: the Latrobe Building, Darvall Heights

42: the Kening Building, East Becktown

43: the Staples Building, Ketchelbank

44: the Lockwood Building, Richmond Hills

45: the Whatmore Building, Yagoton

46: the Russell Building, Ketchelbank

47: the Telfer Building, Ketchelbank

48: the Whatmore Building, Yagoton

49: the Nix Building, Barrville

50: the Nix Building, Barrville

Rank 3-- Ranger Scout Technician
Rank 4-- Block Ops Scout

51: the Muller Building, Millen Hills

52: the Jeffrey Building, Millen Hills

53: the Lazenbury Building, Millen Hills

54: the Goldsworthy Building, Raines Hills

55: the Gabe Building, Shearbank

56: the Russell Building, Ketchelbank

57 the Telfer Building, Ketchelbank

58: the Gabe Building, Shearbank

59: the Halay Building, Raines Hills

60: the Goldsworthy Building, Raines Hills

61: the Blackmore Building, Ridleybank


62 the Went Building, Stanbury Village

63: *the Moseley Building, Stanbury Village

64: the Jack Building, Raines Hills

65: the Moseley Building, Stanbury Village

66: the Raymond Building, Shackleville

67: *the Jillard Building, Kempsterbank

68: the Dobbs Building, Kempsterbank

69: *the Chaffin Building, Tapton

70 *the Luscombe Building, Kinch Heights

71: *the Sharman Building, Kinch Heights

72: *the Nevill Building, Kinch Heights

73: the Vicari Building, Huntley Heights

74: %^the Hall Building, Santlerville

75: the Kynaston Building Danversbank

76: %^the Dewes Building, Santlerville

77: %^the Dewes Building, Santlerville

78: the Usher Building, Heytown

79: the Nevill Building, Kinch Heights

80: *the Bagnall Building, Dartside

81: the Pursey Building, Lockettside

82: the Brockliss Building, Spicer Hills

83: the Sainders Building, Ruddlebank

84: the Panes Building, Ruddlebank

85: the Cheeke Building, Ruddlebank

86: the Dewell Building, Spracklingbank

87: the Packe Building, Paynterton

88: the Gracewood Building, Paynterton

89: the Casely Building, Starlingtown

90: the Casely Building, Starlingtown

91: the Gracewood Building, Paynterton

92: the Veryard Building, Starlingtown

93: the Morrish Building, Pitneybank


94: the Farmer Building, Pitneybank

(95: ^the Farmer Building, Pitneybank)

96: the Cheeke Building, Ruddlebank

97: the Panes Building, Ruddlebank

98: the Henley Building, Foulkes Village

99: the Harford Building, New Arkham

100: the Button Building, Old Arkham

101: *the Hurst Building, Whittenside

102: the Farmer Building, Pitneybank

103: the Marks Building, Peppardville

104 : the Brockliss Building, Spicer Hills

105: the Pursey Building, Lockettside

106: the Highton Building, Dartside

(107:the Highton Building, Dartside)

108: the Preston Building, South Blythville

109: the Peppard Building, South Blythville

110: the Hazeldine Building, South Blythville

111: the Browne Building, Edgecombe

112: the Browne Building, Edgecombe

113: the Greenhow Building, Roftwood

114: the Hebditch Building, North Blythville

115: the Culling Building, Brooksville

116: the Malcolm Building, Whittenside

117: the Cartwright Building, Miltown

118: the Fliney Building, Miltown

119: the Rayfield Building, Tollyton

120: the Pittman Building, Shore Hills

121: the Brennand Building, Shore Hills

122: the Stagg Building, Lukinswood

123: the McCullock Building, Miltown

124: the McCullock Building, Miltown

125: the Rayfield Building, Tollyton

126: the Fram Building, Wray Heights

127: the Silwood Building, Wray Heights

128: the Darnell Building, Wray Heights

129: the Darnell Building, Wray Heights

130: the Axtence Building, Osmondville

(131: the Axtence Building, Osmondville)

132: the Wetherall Building, Gulsonside

133: the Doubting Building, Crowbank

134: the Mydleham Building, Crowbank

135: the Blocksidge Building, Crowbank

136: the Silwood Building, Wray Heights

137: the Spragge Building, Crowbank

138: the Spragge Building, Crowbank

139: the Silwood Building, Wray Heights

(140: *the Eglen Building, Molebank )

141: the Phipps Building, Fryerbank

142: the Phipps Building, Fryerbank

143: the Longstaff Building, Fryerbank

144: the Dirkinson Building, Fryerbank

145: the McCullock Building, Miltown

146: the Cartwright Building, Miltown

147: the Fliney Building, Miltown

148: the Fram Building, Wray Heights

149: the Spragge Building, Crowbank

150: the Hurst Building, Whittenside

Rank 5-- Winner

150: the Fram Building, Wray Heights

151: the Rayfield Building, Tollyton

153: the Raymond Building, Shackleville

154: the Tompson Building, Scarletwood

155: the Tompson Building, Scarletwood

156: the Axtence Building, Osmondville

157: the Creek Building, Gulsonside

158: the Showers Building, Scarletwood

159: the Sealey Building, Scarletwood

160: the Wetherall Building, Gulsonside

161: the Doubting Building, Crowbank

(162: the Spragge Building, Crowbank)

163: the Spragge Building, Crowbank

(164: the Craddy Building, Penny Heights)

165: the Maver Building, Edgecombe

166: the Silwood Building, Wray Heights

167: the Stagg Building, Lukinswood

168: & the Eglen Building, Molebank

169: & the Barstow Building, Molebank

170: &the Darnell Building, Wray Heights

171: the Hambidge Building, Molebank

172: %The Greenhow Building, Roftwood

173: %The Herbert Building, Roftwood

*Buildings for which I reported the first scan

^Buildings for which I reported the first scan of 2008 (superseded by *)

%Buildings for which I reported the first scan in a month or more (superseded by *)

() Scans recorded out of order

Note: I don't record or count buildings for which I made a scan that had been scanned fewer than 12 hours prior, unless there is a significant change between the two scans.)

Scan Milestones

Fully-scanned Suburbs
Scanned NT facilities, as of 02 August 2008 Orange are facilities I have not scanned Green are facilities I have scanned Suburbs with a light green background have been fully-scanned

Chudleyton (the Harraway Building, the Minshull Building)

Crowbank (the Spragge Building, the Doubting Building, the Mydleham Building, the Blocksidge Building)

Earletown (the Wortley Building)

Fryerbank (the Phipps Building, the Longstaff Building, Fryerbank, The Dirkinson Building)

Kempsterbank (the Jillard Building, the Dobbs Building)

Ketchelbank (the Staples Building, the Telfer Building, the Russell Building)

Kinch Heights (the Luscombe Building, the Sharman Building, the Nevill Building)

Miltown (the Cartwright Building, the Fliney Building, the McCullock Building)

Paynterton (the Gracewood Building, the Veryard Building)

Pescodside (the Inman Building, the Clewett Building, the Waish Building)

Pitneybank (the Morrish Building, the Farmer Building)

Rhodenbank (the Wallbutton Building, the Carlyle Building, the Devonshire Building, the Starr Building)

Ridleybank (the Blackmore Building)

Santlerville (the Dewes Building, the Hall Building)

Scarletwood (the Tompson Building, the Sealey Building, the Showers Building)

Shackleville (the Raymond Building)

Shearbank (the Nisbet Building, the Turner Building, the Whippey Building, the Gabe Building)

Stanbury Village (the Moseley Building, the Went Building)

Tapton (the Chaffin Building)

Wray Heights (the Fram Building the Silwood Building, the Darnell Building