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Welcome to my awesome little wiki-page!
Here you'll be able to find my Psychotic Diary of Death, a recommended read for all Maltonian free spirited people!
Also included are a profile and any notices I'd like to make to the public.
I'm not very happy with the looks, as of now, but that will be improved with time.


Who I am? I'm ziv, a.k.a, D4rkH4wk.
Affiliation? I don't affiliate. I kill. I just do it wearing a Red Rum tag x)

I played some UD back in 2007, as a pro-survivor in the Caiger Mall area, trying to help out with some sort of mini-siege we had at the time,
Returned to play UD in 2008, as a pro-survivor again, and afair, on DHPD, for a while...
Returned to play again in 2009 as a trigger happy Bounty-Hunter, again for awhile.
I've returned once more in 2010, as a PKer! :D
And now I have returned once more, as a PKer again, on Oct. 2013!

I am displeased with the apparent vanishing of some of the finer folk I have played with,
But, once Red Rum, always Red Rum! And so I shall continue the Red Rum spirit of spreading mass joy wherever I go!

Enemies? Non! I have no enemies, only good friends I play with all the time!... Oh, killing doesn't count? :<

I am currently promoting the great religion that is Pastafarianism... and cookies! But only chocolate chip ones!
If you feel offended by said religion, do let me know and something will be done about it.
- licks his butcher knife -
If you feel offended by cookies, I suggest you **** and **** your ******** *** *****, good day!



Psychotic Diary of Death

For those of you interested in reading my magnificent diary,
You can read it here!
It was getting a tad too long for this page!


Killer.jpg Player Killer
"One kills a man, one is an assassin; one kills millions, one is a conqueror; one kills everybody, one is a god."

This user is a PKer and supports the act of Player Killing.

This user supports PKer rights!


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