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D4rk N00b
Name: D4rk N00b
Age: Late teens
Occupation: None
Current Status: Decaying
Location: Ruddlebank
Current Level: 29
Group: None
Noob.gif STFU N00B
This user recognizes the difference between a Newbie and a Noob.


It has a vacant and somewhat unsettling look in its eyes, and a crooked smile on its lips. It seems to have an affinity for inept survivors, sometimes protecting them from other zombies.


In both life and death, D4rk N00b has a deep-seated hatred for anyone who considers themselves to be better than him. Formerly a leading member of the zombie group Anti-Celebrity Task Force, he is now feral and wandering aimlessly around Southwest Malton. Having a deep sympathy toward younger zombies, he will usually drag his prey outside for them to feast on, then return inside to ransack the building. He has even occasionally been seen showing mercy toward newbie survivors, attacking zombies who attack them and gesturing toward buildings that may offer the survivor some shelter.

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