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Random Writing

My personal web log that has nothing to do with Urban Dead:

And my WEbook profile:

UD-Related Writing

Brotherhood of the Reckoning/History of the Brotherhood: Part 1 - A true account of the early days of the infamous PKer group.

Brotherhood of the Reckoning/History of the Brotherhood: Two Drink Minimum - the long-awaited sequel that was awaited by no one. Not even me. Nonetheless, I wrote it, and it's not too bad, so check it out.

I also have a PKing-related article on Red Rum's forum, but I'm not especially proud of it. It's more of a convoluted rant than anything.

Where did the names come from?

D4rk N00b: Here

D4rkness: Well, Darkness and Darkside were taken, and I really didn't feel like coming up with something creative.

As you can tell, I was going through a 1337 phase in late 2005. I'm over that now, but still using the names, as I love my UD characters too much to just abandon them.

Tycoonius: An alias ripped from God of War.

Immobile Target: A loving homage to a semi-famous bounty hunter.

My Sigs

I'm not exactly artistic, but I've had a few good ones.


Yes, I'm jumping on the wiki bandwagon and collecting templates for my user page. Now, I just have to make a few more of my own.

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