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Dallian731 is
  • A level one zombie seeking brains and a purpose in unlife
  • A player who's spent more time reading the wiki than playing the game

Dallian731 spawned in Dakerston, which at the time (~9 May 2008) seemed like a ghost town. A survivor or someone with Lurching Gait and AP to burn should check that out. Dallian731 wandered aimlessly for its first day, not getting very far and seeing only one survivor on the street but, unfortunately, lacking the AP to kill.

Dallian731 then discovered the Salt the Land Policy and the NT Status Map, and noted that the status information was about as current as the rest of the wiki. Armed with a purpose in life (and, more importantly, directions), Dallian731 set out to gain XP, promote the zombie cause, and improve the information available to UD's userbase.

Dallian731 enjoys speaking in third person, correct spelling and grammar, and using genderless pronouns. It also wonders how to say "cake AND death" in Death Rattle.

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