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I found Urban Dead through the Games forum at the New Cafe discussion site, formerly Cafe Utne. (The site requires registration to read most forums, including the Games forum. Here's the registration page.)

My characters are

  • Perrish, a firefighter located in East Grayside;
  • Kiritae, a lab tech in or near Greentown
  • Kesha, a scout collecting FAKs in Wykewood


  • Jakmagister, a consumer that I may just let go dormant since he can't seem to get into a mall to use his starting skill. I had thought malls were barricaded only to VS, but the one he has reached has stayed EH for a couple days.

"Perrish" in particular may seem an odd name for a human: the reason is that the names are those of my characters in Everquest. Perrish was, of course, a necro in his original game.