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An old template for an old project.

Manhuntaxe2.jpg Malton Minigames Manhuntaxe2.jpg

The Malton Manhunt

2007 Manhunt | 2008 Manhunt | Axe Hack's Manhunt

Big Game Ruin Hunting | Spambit Hunters | Status Game

Note to self: ask axe hack if he would like his quiz added, perhaps.

kats that i enjoyed meeting in-game.

  • Pathetic Bill
  • Johnny Bass
  • Ron Burgundy
  • Goolina
  • Sexy Rexy Grossman
  • Zombie Slay3r
  • Nallan
  • Bub
  • Axe Hack
  • Target Zombie (AHLG)
  • sillylillypilly
  • linkthewindow
  • janus abernathy
  • asheets
  • lord moloch
  • Duke Garland!!
  • Misanthropy
  • akule
  • Drawde
  • Orangegaf
  • Aichon
  • 2nd Guy You Eat ?? ""damn You for retiring DDR!"?
  • Mistergame
  • Shockheaded Peter (to Jim Thirlwell: "Hey Jim! Can you sign my copy of Nail?" BEST GUY FUCKING EVER)
  • Dr Albert Schwan- MEGA FUCKING PROPS BRO
    • Dr Albert Schwan extracted a DNA sample from you. (15 hours and 25 minutes ago)
    • Dr Albert Schwan said "Feotus gets revive too, cos Nail is the greatest album of the 1980s" (15 hours and 23 minutes ago)
    • Dr Albert Schwan revivified you with a NecroTech syringe. (15 hours and 23 minutes ago)
  • Clint Clintstone
  • Gene Ween said "You ain't tasted nothin til you've got FOETUS on your breath!" (yesterday)
  • calista griffin
  • yonnua koponen
  • Neutral Eyes Neutral Eyes said "featus?!?" (1 week ago)

Vera Wong said "Aaah, if it isn't the elusive zombie ant..." (2 weeks ago)

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