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This User is a Bot

This is a bot account created for the updating building danger reports. Such reports are listed in Category:Danger Levels. The bot works off the list of reports on the pages below. Currently this covers every building danger report for Malton. It excludes suburb danger reports and reports concerning other cities. The bot will update any reports over a month old with a status of unknown and leaves its own comment, it performs no other function.

Its creator is User:The Rooster

The bot is manually controlled and should not therefore act incorrectly. However, if in the unlikely event it is found to be doing so, do not hesitate to get this account temporarily banned to prevent further edits.

Contact The Rooster and inform him of any problems with the bot, or changes to the wiki that may prevent the bot from operating correctly.

Do not post on any part of this account, it will not be checked.

Record of Bot Edits

This page maintains a report of all edits performed by the bot. Each update is accessible via the edit history.


Bot Operations

These pages are updated automatically via transclusion with data pertinent to the bot to save on read/write requests.

User:DangerReportTimekeeperBot/DRDFormat is a template to format the data from each danger report.

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