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Danielle Holland
Starting Occupation: Scientist NecroTech Lab Assistant
Group Membership: Yagoton Revivification Clinic
Goals: Stay alive. Revive folks. Heal folks.
Username: Kris Daniels
More details: Urban Dead profile


Danielle Holland is, first and foremost, a research scientist. She was a lab tech at Necrotech when the outbreak started and she quickly got into the DNA tagging to compile a database of known zombies. Soon, however, she began to realize that taking DNA extracts was doing little to rectify the problem and began to devote herself to a little first aid when she could find the supplies and raiding Necrotech buildings for revivification syringes. After a few weeks of random stumbling from one suburb to another in hopes of avoiding being killed (a task at which she has failed 24 times now), she ran across the Yagoton Revivification Clinic quite by chance and has since dedicated herself to aiding them.


Her hair is a nondescript brown, pulled back into a messy braid. Her once pristine white lab coat is now a dirty brown and the pants beneath are stained at the knees. She carries no weapons other than a set of pretty nasty looking needles.


She's a quiet sort and enjoys a nice simple routine. In fact, her days rarely vary. She wakes up in her safehouse, she seeks needles (either revive syringes or first aid kits), uses her needles, returns to her safehouse, does a little light reading, then goes to sleep. This has been especially true since finding the YRC.

Danielle has never killed a zombie. In fact, she's only landed two punches in her life. Her knuckles hurt afterward, and she decided not to do that anymore. Besides, logically, hitting a zombie is like asking it to eat your brains and she'd really rather not die. She's fine with darting in, sticking them with needles that make them fall unconscious and get better, then running away, but the kind of extended contact needed to actually hurt them? Scares the bejuices out of her. Zombies look really terrifying up close and personal and Danielle would rather make the encounter as quick as humanly possible. Entering a St. Swithuns full of zombies is the single most scariest thing she does on a daily basis. But she does it because those zombies need help and most of them don't really want to hurt her.

On January 10, 2006, Danielle was executed by The Neon Knights. In the seconds it took for her to be shot down with six well aimed shotgun blasts she was petrified beyond reason and the heart attack would have ended her if the bullets hadn't. Having since been revived then almost immediately killed by zombies, she a trembling mass of nerves who only manages to get through the day because she knows others are depending on her. During her downtime, she hides under furniture.

Current Status

Alive. Not saying where, exactly, because the Neon Knights want her dead, but she's in Yagoton. Hiding under a table.

Distant Associates

Or 'Folks Who Avoid Yagoton Because We Come From the Same IP'

Belinda Pierce (Bagehot Way Police Department, Harry Potter Cultists)

Amelia Pierce (DHPD Broadbelt Grove Precinct, Dunell Hills Police Department)

C Pierce (Brainaholics Anonymous)

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