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Jan. 17th to Feb. 13th

After rallying again with the RnR-ers I moved alone for about a month between Williamsville, Buttonville and Wyke Hills. I got involved in some interesting battles, fought mainly around PDs, and this allowed me to gain the most of the really useful available skills. Incredibly, I even managed to stay alive all the time!
In these last days I've been moving a lot among the buildings East and North of Buckley Mall, where there's some movement of the CoTR. I can't give my exact position to anybody reading this page because, after having PK-ed some of their spies and having brought their presence to the other survivors' attention, I'm worried of some kind of retaliation. If you need a pat on your shoulder come and look for me in the Fire Stations and/or the Necrotech Buldings in the vicinity, or maybe in some Church (but that's less likely, as I'm not very religious...)
If you want to know where to find some CoTR member's ass to kick you may have a look at Screech Lane Police Department or at Julie General Hospital.
--Danjar 15:10, 13 Feb 2006 (GMT)

Jan. 5th to 16th

In these days I collected items in Hospitals, Police Departments and Fire Stations. By the way I got five pairs of wirecutters before finding a fire axe! I'm not lucky.
After that, I managed to go here and there in Williamsville and Dartside, killing a couple of zombies or so. With that I raised to level three, purchasing Free Running (most useful!) and Advanced Shotgun Training.
In the sad night between Jan. 15th and 16th, anyway, the Minions of the Apocalypse broke in the building I was into and killed me among many others, while we were sleeping.
I should have expected it, as Zed spies were reported in the area in the previous days, anyway let's say that I learnt a lesson. Somebody wrote that "It is widely known that none of the large hordes (such as the Minions of the Apocalypse, [...]) use spies."
Note to self: don't buy everything you read...
--Danjar 10:09, 17 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Jan. 4th 2006

I stood up and I discovered that the infection I got before dieing was back with my human status! I had to go and collect FAKs to heal myself and ended the day with not much more I could do. Spent some time warning other players about the ongoing zed assault on Tompson Mall.
--Danjar 15:13, 5 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Jan. 3rd 2006

Waked up dead and down, but could stand up and move around a bit, biting some passing zeds... I shared some info with the Classic_Battletech_Revolutionaries (those who killed me) and gained their friendship (kinda of) with something like a "free pass". I arrived in Williamsville and I waited outside Dibbings Plaza for my revive. I hadn't to wait that much, as axer06 did it!
Now I'll just lay down until my APs go up again. XP count at 31. Note: from this point on I'll have to be more stealthy in my movements, so I won't be updating this page with all the details.
--Danjar 23:38, 3 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Jan. 2nd 2006

I left Stanbury Village, walked my way South through Mockridge Heights and Greentown and arrived in Dartside. I see less zeds as I go on and this tells me that I'll be dead (or revived) very soon... I'll try to pass the night in the wasteland [32,83] hoping to remain unnoticed.
Still 25 XPs because I spent all my APs just moving... Hope it will be better when I'll find the rest of the RnR-ers in Williamsville.
--Danjar 11:07, 2 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Jan. 1st 2006

I've waked up just to discover that a zed killed me. Then I stood up (painfully losing 10 APs) and started moving again towards Williamsville. I passed through North Eastern corner of Galbraith Hills arriving in Stanbury Village. Here I reached the Catherine General Hospital; 9 zeds were standing and I attacked a random one just for XPs (earned 4). I spent all my APs but two, then I moved to the Moseley Building (next Necrotech Building of my intended path). Here I left while resting among 30 other zeds. [note to self: next time spare 3 and use the last one to say "Mhr?"...]
Anyway no Necros are showing last days, probably I'm too near to Ridleybank (the RRF's base).
--Danjar 01:51, 1 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Dec. 30th - Dec. 31st 2005

I've stayed at Neagle Building until AP raised up back to 46. There came Scientist WR Setuar but he seemed inactive, so I left (journey to South long yet).
I went straight south through Barrville meeting only fellow zeds, finally arrived at the Woolsett Building ([44, 47]), another Necrotech place.
But it was very heavily barricaded so I couldn't enter (maybe Axes High! inside? Mumble mumble.) I attacked the barricades, bringing them to "just" very strongly but spending all my remaining APs; I'll have to rest a bit and then move (I don't feel secure here so near to Reginaldus Plaza Fire Station).
I heard a Groaning from nearby Eagan Building (another Necro NW of here), so I think I'll move there. Blimey, this slow body: need 2 APs... XP still 21. Update: here there are 30 other zeds and many others are massing up nearby (19 W, 9 NW) Something is going on.
Update: Babyros took a DNA sample of me. I've noticed that there's here the writing "Knill Rd is a Revive Station - go there be revived"... Will it be true? Knill Road is just the block S of here...
--Danjar 00:50, 31 Dec 2005 (GMT)

Let's get started

Today I've created my character: a Private. Paradropped into Ketchelbank I wandered around like a chicken (no, not like the COD), wondering what I was supposed to do... (I'm too lazy to read all the huge resources available about this game.)
I attacked randomly some zombies, entered and exited from buildings finding just nothing.
When I had just finished my AP I was attacked by a mob of zeds, I was infected, then pursued and killed.
After standing up I've joined the R&R Army and now I'm slowly trying to approach Williamsville... What a bad start, lol!
Ended the day as zombie at top edge of Barrville (the Neagle Building [45, 40]); I'll be here until 12/30 about 21.00 GMT and then I'll start going south again. Intended path is Barrville -> Stanbury Village -> Mockridge Heights -> Greentown -> Dartside -> Williamsville. XP at 21.
--Danjar 01:34, 30 Dec 2005 (GMT)