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Grub Killers
Leadership: Dark Nomad
Group Numbers: 1
Goals: Hunt and Process Murderers
Recruitment Policy: Open Recruitment.
Contact: In-Game, Dark Nomad.

Grub Killers

Grub Killers are a group of territorial Bounty Hunter's. We protect an area from those written in The Most Wanted List. We hunt and kill and process those who we deem deserving. Our primary targets, in no particular order, are murderers, listed zergers, and Ignore Listees. Other targets will be decided and addressed as the occasion arises. We will not engage pro-survivor groups, regardless of whether or not they have a bounty themselves. We are protectors and the destroyers of the low lives of Malton, the Grubs of Malton. We will hunt and process the Grubs of Malton. The Grubs are those who live in the dark, crawl up from the dirt, keep coming back to kill and maim the innocent. They may look the same as the Grub next to them, just a blood thirsty freak, or an angry people who can't control the way they talk to others. The action of processing is where we punish the murderers, generator killers, radio killers, and the most wanted and let the rest of the city know about it by reporting it.

Punishable Offenses

Zerging - multiple copies of yourself or other unfair tactics related.
Murder - Killing another survivor without reason.
Destruction - Destruction of generators, radios, or unnecessary lowering of barricades.
Rape - Text Rape or any other crime that may get someone on the Ignore List.
Serial Killer - being listed on Malton's Most Wanted.
Assault - Any attacks on a Grub Killers member could warrant similar action.

Grub Killers:Members

Dark Nomad

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