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Known in game as Cortonna. Creator and Ex-Leader of the Liberation of Crossman Department, ex-soldier of the LCD. Co-Creator and current Leader of the Soldiers of Crossman.

Brief story: Born in Grayside and following the complete slaughter that night she moved to Darvall Heights. It was a great and dangerous journey yet she managed to survive. Arriving in Darvall Heights she met her old friend Johnny Rico. After one week prior to Cortonna's arrival at DH Crossman Department was attacked by zombies from the Church of the Ressurection. Managing to escape, she, Johnny, Muh, and few others headed for Dulston to gather people to help DH and CD. That way LCD was created in order to liberate DH back to human hands. Being for more then 2 year in LCD she decided to move on a separate path then this of her former brothers and sisters leaving the control of LCD upon their shoulders. Now back as a simple soldier.

Lately things havent been going okay for the LCD and the merry band finally split, everyone on it's individual path. It was much fun, those three years together, sadly now it's over. But a new bright future awaits hopefully.

LCD logo.jpg LCD
Cortonna was a proud member of the Liberation of Crossman Department.

Lately, she has been busy with her new group, the SoC's. She has forgotten what it's like to start from scratch but feels optimistic.

SoC star.png Soldiers of Crossman
Cortonna is a proud member of the Soldiers of Crossman.

Revanchist.jpg Revanchist
Cortonna is a Revanchist ideologist and activist.