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It seems I'm the only active member of the KNW at the moment. My main character is currently defending Kempsterbank. I'm organising a Battle Royal for willing participants from my offsite forum (so if you've come here to shout "PKer" then sorry to disappoint). I support the Dual Nature policy so if I chew on your head and infect you, feel free to revive me - I'll be carrying a spare FAK especially for you. I intend to put some IC information on this page. Eventually.

(Editor's note: you're not the only KNW member out and about. I've just awoken from an extremely extended beauty sleep. Add me to your contacts so you'll know me when you see me around Kempsterbank. UDID 770604) --Poison Ivy 01:00, 29 November 2007 (UTC)

Current Status

Having been inactive for a while, I've taken a leave of absence from the KNW to roll with the NSWR. If any KNW members want my help clearing out the Zeds, lemme know.


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