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Group Affiliation: The Gingerbread Men
Class: Cop
Level: 32
Home Suburb: Gibsonton
Current Location: ### CLASSIFIED ###
Current Status: Alive
UrbanDead Profile: 4925

Former (Founder) Member of the Council of Leaders
Master Gingerbread Man

=== Jurgen Daxx ===

Chief Inspector Shoulder Epaulette

Jurgen Daxx was born to a English mother and German father on the 2nd March, 1968. Named Jurgen after his grandfather, he spent much of his childhood between the cities of Reading and Freiburg until the age of eleven, when his parents settled in Bristol. At eighteen after a difficult schooling, he joined the Avon and Somerset Constabulary in Bristol. After his probationary two years in the force he was quick to join the Crime Prevention Unit as a Crime Prevention Officer, attaining the rank of Sergeant in 1991 and Inspector in 1993. In 1998, he was transferred to Malton out of the ASC and the Unit as part of the Government Security Program for the city, and was given the task of running the Police Station of Oram Walk in Gibsonton, and was promoted to Chief Inspector. His duties included liasing with local Necrotech personell and security work for the suburb, as well as community support work. He ran the station until the day of the outbreak, living in a flat in the nearby Cahill Building. During this period he trained with the local military units at Fort Perryn, receiving firearms and leadership training.

At the time of the power cut which signalled the outbreak, Daxx was out with several other officers investigating a series of reports of violent assaults; it soon became clear that these were no ordinary thugs. Receiving a report of a city-wide state of emergency, Daxx immediately returned to his flat, grabbed his possessions and headed to Oram Walk where he spent the next few weeks organising the desperate civilian crowds nearby, and helping local military units in their evacuation of the city. It also became clear from radio reports that the whole city was experiencing problems, and the word 'Zombie' was heard many times across the airwaves. Eventually, the military units stopped returning for refugees and reports started to arrive that the city had been sealed off.

With the assistance of a few doctors from the nearby St. Alcuin's hospital, a Firefighter and a Necrotech Lab Assistant, Daxx spent time fortifying the station and clearing out the surrounding area, sheltering survivors that were found within the station. Spending time on the radio, Daxx heard reports of many survivors who had done similarly, and began discussions with the leaders of these 'safehouses', as they became known.

Together with these leaders, and after a lengthy and heated discussion and voting process, the Council of Leaders was formed with the intention of bringing some larger scale organisation to the city, where before there were only localised safehouses and roaming bands. The Council comprised the leaders of the largest safehouses of the time who maintained radio contact with each other in order to spread information, help protect other survivors and lend assistance to each other.

The Council galvanised the survivor community and was instrumental in the formation of many of the groups in the city. The fame of the councillors grew, and so did that of the safehouses in which they resided. This of course brought problems of its own. Some, seeking to gain notoriety of their own, or perhaps simply insane, attempted to kill Daxx one day whilst he slept. Though their first attack was unsuccessful, the second resulted in the safehouse leader's death. Of course the virus had affected every poor soul in Malton and it was not long before Daxx arose as a zombie himself.

He spent several days roaming the streets of Gibsonton attacking those who came near, trapped unthinking within the nightmarish husk of his own body. Talking of this experience later, Daxx would refuse to talk about those he had killed whilst in this state. But the Necrotech technicians with whom he had been holed up at Oram Walk had a plan, and risked their lives bravely to bring their leader back. With a syringe of a type Daxx had never seen before, they grabbed him and injected into the back of his neck a glittering serum. Within seconds, the serum restored neural connections in Daxx's brain, restarted his heart and restored control of his body. Daxx had returned from the land of the dead.

From that day forward, the Council vowed to police the city more firmly. Lists were circulated of the growing number of survivors who were attacking others. The Bounty Hunters Guild was formed, and soon the growing problem began to be controlled.

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Daxx OOC

  • Active Roleplayer on the Yahoo! Lists and Forums.
  • Moderator on various of the Urban Dead Forums.
  • Major contributor to the development of early safehouse tactics and maintainance strategy at Oram Walk Police Department.
  • Inventor and maintainer of the original Bounty List.
  • Active contributor to the wiki.
  • Active contributor to wiki policy and procedure.
  • Contributor to the Search Odds studies.
  • Occasional suggestor, active voter.
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  • Maintainer of the Recruitment page.