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RAF.pngRAF Lieutenant-General.jpg
Joined: 2005-11-06 04:19:15
Rank: Lieutenant-General
Character Class: Scout
Current Level: 43
Favorite Weapon: Smith&Wesson 10 Gage Shotgun
Backup Weapon: .357 Magnum
Character Profile: Deathnut's Profile
Current Status: living
Location: Roftwood
Kills: over 100
Revives: too many to count
Group: Freelance

"I am happy to give FREE Head-Shots to all zombies"

The Reason That I Hate The Zombie Scourge.

It all started a few days after the initial outbreak. We were not afraid since it was on the other side of Malton and that was so far away. Me my wife and my two daughters were sitting at the dinner table eating a huge meal celebrating life when I heard a thump followed by a moan outside. I said hide and I'll get the gun. While in the room to get the gun I heard a scream. I grabbed the gun and ran to the hiding spot. When I got there I found the bloody, torn-apart bodies of my family and ten zombies covered in their blood. I killed them all and used the kitchen knife to chop them into small pieces so as not to return. I then cleaned up the mess and went upstairs into the attic. I opened my old footlocker from the Army and pulled out my uniform and weapon. From that day on I have vowed to kill all the zombies for my lost family.

How I Became A Member of the RAF

I am a blood thirsty hunter of zombies. I use my trusty old .32 cal Army issued Colt semi-auto pistol and my 10-gage shotgun to kill the zombies. When I kill a zombie I put three cuts on their forehead representing my wife and two daughters that were killed. I made my way to Stanbury Village where I found a safe house. While there I read a recruiting ad for the RAF. I looked into it and then removed my old rank. I then made my way to Roftwood to join the RAF.

Me Today

I have recently honed all my Military Skills and learned a few more. My guns are getting a little worn out from all the lead that I throw at the zombies. I miss my family and often cry myself asleep in a corner looking at my worn picture of my family before the accident. I have met many people who have lost loved ones and are searching for them. They often ask me if my family escaped before the quarantine and all I say to them is no. Most of the members of the RAF treat me like I'm their own family and that makes me feel good.

This quarantine is starting to wreck my nerves. I have seen many of my friends killed and recently seen Diggs dead with teeth marks on him. The "virus" as I will call is has made me a nervous man. I fear death now more than ever. I fear that one time that I am dead I won't be able to stop the urge to kill living people. I found a Bible recently and have converted to Christianity. I believe that the only way that we can beat the zombies is God. I pray often and hope for the end to come soon.

I am now the leader of the RAF. General Diggs contacted me and told me that the Armed Forces are calling him out of Malton. Before he left he promoted me to Lieutenant-General and gave me control of the RAF. I will miss him and look forward to his return. Until then all I can do is pray for the end of the zombie scourge.

I have gotten ahold of a radio transmitter and can send messages to others. The only problem is that the messages are usually Very Scratchy and some times hard to understand.

I retired almost a year ago from Roftwood and gave the leadership to Jack Well along with my .32 cal Army issued Colt semi-auto pistol. I promised to return someday.

Returned to Roftwood and am now helping my former brothers in arms to protect my suburb from the zombie scurge.


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Stuff Given To Me

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Lachryma has given Deathnut a rat for voting, dammit! Woo!
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Deathnut repaired Club Dury (Ridleybank) for 113 AP.

Where I Eat

McZeds.png McZeds™
This User or Group eats at McZeds™. They also support the Use of Corpses for High Quality Processed Fast Food.

Sacred Ground Policy

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.