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Please be aware that I created this in the vein of the game, it will very likely make references and claims that are completely false but are made up to keep them in the context of the game. And if you're crazy enough to look at the coding you'll see that I'm pretty clueless at it, so any pointers or constructive suggestions would be greatly appreciated. All individuals mentioned here are purely fictional - well except maybe the player and I think I'm real. Any similarity to the living or undead is purely coincidental. Dr. Demanche Ph.D. (talk) 20:05, 3 February 2015 (UTC)



connecting.... connecting....

Connection established

Speed: 4800bps

Encryption: NONE

Connection Type: ZModem

~> cd scripts_

~/scripts> ls_


1.0K gogo_ardk 1.0K gogo_bkrf 1.0K gogo_c94f 1.0K gogo_door 1.0K gogo_ekos
1.0K gogo_fdnc 2.5K gogo_hsef 1.0K gogo_lvmf 4.5K gogo_phdm 1.0K gogo_rsth
1.0K gogo_zoom 4.9K hellfire 56.8K jakrabbit 108.0K killall
52.9K levelk 2.6K mercury7 3.6K quiksnd 25.9K zedscreen04

~/scripts> ./gogo_phdm

...Accessing Malton Physicians Database...

connecting.... connecting....

<System V.22 - Verification Suite>_

<System V.22 - Verification Suite> stand by for system verification...

<System V.22 - Verification Suite> Node Identified: EE10466

<System V.22 - Verification Suite> Location: Richard GH

<System V.22 - Verification Suite> Fl: 03 - RM:44r01

<System V.22 - Verification Suite> Terminal: 014a.2

Credentials Verified

Access Logged



All information within is protected by The Health Information Privacy Act of 1996

Proof or improper access or use of any of the data contained within this system,

will result in prosecution of no less than 5 years, fines of no less than £10,000 and

permanent loss of medical credentials, and title(s).

Accessing this system implies agreement with all Malton Medical Policies

MOTD: Effective Date: 5 July, 2005

_beg msg_

All available physicians are to communicate all successful cases of revivification to
Dr. J. Fletcher and/or Dr. K. Padishamarami

_end msg_



1. Current Duty Staff List 2. Update E-Sig Code 3. Training Requirements 4. On-Call Schedule
5. Sign Privacy Agreement 6. Sign for Equipment 7. Department Listing 8. Next Page


1. Anesthesiology 2. Emergency Medicine 3. Neurology 4. Obstetrics & Gynocology
5. Pathology 6. Pediatrics 7. Radiology 8. Next Page


1. Alumni
2. A-K
3. L-R
4. R-Z

[MLTN/path/dir/aj]~> 2_

[MLTN/path/dir/aj]~> Enter: Last, First, MI_

[MLTN/path/dir/aj]~> [Last:] Demanché

[MLTN/path/dir/aj]~> [First:] Malikai

[MLTN/path/dir/aj]~> [MI:(or NMI for no middle name or nul]: D

[MLTN/path/dir/aj]~> 1 Record found...

Name: Malikai Demetri Demanché

DOB: 27 January 1968

POB: Austin, TX, USA

Current Address: 1313 Mockingbird Lane / Flatrock, TX

Phone: P: 135.523.5624 / C: 134.526.0249 / H: 134.526.0249

Spouse: Karolyn Kay / Children: (1) Nichol


  • High School
    • Singleton School for Boys: 1982-1983 / GPA: 3.85
    • Leman Grove School[1]: 1983-1986 / GPA: 4.00
      • NOTES:
        • Graduated Valedictorian
        • Offered full scholarship to West Malton University [2]
  • Pre-Medical Education
    • West Malton University: 1987-1994 / GPA 4.00
      • NOTES:
        • Accepted into Accelerated Scholastic Immersion Program: 1988
        • Graduated Egregia Cum Laude [3]: 1994
    • Residency - Richard General Hospital[4]: 1994-2000
      • Specialty - Pathology
        • NOTES:
          • Aug. 1995 - Awarded Best New Resident
          • Jan. 1996 - Jordan Fieldman MD, Award
          • Sep. 1997 - Received Doctorate in Hemotology
            • Thesis on Naturally Occuring Blood Mutigens
          • Feb. 2000 - Granted Pathology Fellowship
  • Medical Career
    • Given Attending Physician status - Richard General Hospital: Jul. 2002
      • Board Certified Jan. 2004

Connection Lost... Attempting to reconnect...

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Malton College of Medicine

in bringing healing and higher education to Malton.

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