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  • battering ram and dedicated hater of barricades and closed doors, ransacker of buildings and equipment smasher for the Eastonwood Ferals.

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  • SLAM The Double-Kill-Drag an EF Raider fighting move - Co-op rules!!!

Rules about survivor victory

  • You - are NOT sleeping in the suburb = NO survivor victory
  • You - and your buddies leaving the combat area entirely to declar another victory elsewere and come back to find the place void of zombies = NO survivor victory
  • You - barricading a few lonely buildings and leave as quick as you can = NO survivor victory
  • You - spray painting the crumbling walls of a desolated building = NO survivor victory
  • You - headshoting a few zombies idling outside in the streets = NO survivor victory
  • You - crossing the wasteland what was once a flourishing cesspool of humankind = NO survivor victory
  • You - sleeping in a ruined open building for a night over and don’t be chewed in the morning, feeling cunning and all for outsmarting the green skins = ok this is kind of a mild survivor victory but not wiki worthy
  • You - writing you are victorious on the wiki but didn’t do anything much except creating a wiki account and thinking “me clever” = NO survivor victory
  • You - thinking your crew’s trenchcoats are the darkest and your katana the sharpest = NO survivor victory
  • You - sleeping in a barricaded building but the rest of the suburb is a smoking mess = NO survivor victory
  • You - just announcing the suburb is green and good to go via the spam-box aka radio = NO survivor victory
  • You – thinking a ghost town is a survivor victory = Ghost towns will never ever be a survivor victory nor a zombie defeat.
  • You – suicide repair bombing a heavy decayed building with an alt-character = FUCK YOU
  • You – spying in a pro-zombie forum = FUCK YOU
  • You – thinking insulting zombies is good RP = FUCK YOU
  • You - thinking zombies are 2nd class players or some kind of NPCs = FUCK YOU
  • Let us just play the game together – sometimes you can feel a little good inside because the suburb is green again, but sometimes Barhah bites you in the ass.


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