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Bounty hunter, proud founder of the RABH and one of the first members of the Council of Lovers.

He runs two characters. One of them is the bounty hunter, and the other is a RRF zombie.

He's also sexy and generally awesome.

Bounty Hunter has been in hiatus for a while and will continue to stay that way.

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Kills List

This is a list of all the Pkers executed By Denzel Washington. Please note that many of the following characters are no longer on the PK list, and don't need further punishment.

Number of kills: 68

-a greasel (3 times)




-Chad Vengabean


-CorporateFelon (2 times)



-Curly Bill Brocious

-Damon Killian


-death incarnate (2 times)

-Death Warrior



-Ernest Fairchild


-Gremassen Strass (2 times)

-Grey Durham

-Gronko Bigchin

-Jack Moo

-Jake Smith

-Jeanne Schneider (2 times)

-Jim Nichols

-Jimmy Stallsalot

-John Cthulu



-Legend X

-Logan X (2 times)

-metal ron

-Milo209 (2 times)


-NT Mercenary Smith



-Peter Sellers


-Sam Ervin

-Sarge Steal


-Shawn82 (2 times)

-Slickevil (2 times)



-Stonewall Meeks

-The Friendly Helper

-The Gray Death

-The Yellow Dart (2 times)

-Trenton lee

-Venla de Bergerac

-Wayne Smith (3 times)