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About Devin Wright

Devin Wright is a Civilian, about level 40. In Human form, he finds a safe house and helps those there. When a zombie, as he's been killed about five times before, he eats other zombies until revived. Even though he has all of the zombie skills, they are only for use against other zombies and he isn't a zombie spy. They Suck Ass, but Devin Wright Kicks Ass, therefore, he isn't a zombie spy.

Although he has Brain rot, he only took it for completeness of having all the Zombie skills. Sadly, he now regrets that and now spends most of his time trying to find a character who'll work with him to get him revived, due to he keeps on getting killed by PKers.


He is currently Independant, finding that most groups either suck or disband quickly after they are made. When he is a zombie, he goes around as a Zker.

He is anti-Church of the Resurrection. They Zerg and are generally not nice.


His website can be found at Gorarat's Wargaming World, his website which he'll be building over the next couple of months.

He can be contacted at merc[dot]of[dot]war[at]gmail[dot]com.

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Devin Wright plays The Kingdom of Loathing
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