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Mega Dodo Publications
Abbreviation: MDP
Group Numbers: N/A
Leadership: N/A
Goals: To write something, get spontaneously filthy rich, then write about how very terrible it was to become so very rich.
Recruitment Policy: Steal someone's seat during lunch, then write on article on a subject you don't fully understand.
Contact: Us here

The Guide

Unfortunately some other group of people has decided that a guide would be a good idea. However they wandered off and have only made three entries which have relating briefly with a defunct horde, a single individual, and how very difficult it is to get a stiff drink in Tollyton.

Thus publication has been put on hold until we can get some rights and actually start to write a very real comprehensive guide to malton.

Seeing as we have been unable to get a response we have decided to begin


Don't Panic