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Diana Warren


Diana Warren
Level: 15
Group: Order of the Black Rose
Role: Survivor; writer/combat medic

Diana Warren is the primary character of an avid role-player. Though there are many ways to enjoy Urban Dead, for me, it is the community and the, "In character," interactions that interest me the most. You won't ever see Diana get all the skills available for that exact reason, even if some day she reaches the highest levels available. In fact, if you don't see the initials OOC (Out Of Character) in front of a sentence, you better bet I'm role-playing Diana in character, to the nines.

A loner and a hothead by nature, Diana began to learn how to work with others when she was accepted into the Order of the Black Rose. Her insecure personality and troubled past have been offset by her fellow members, and even against the hostile, doomed background of Malton, a spark has awakened within her. Now her volatile demeanor has been put to use, as she rushes headlong into the most dangerous situations she can find. Diana's goal is to rescue as many other survivors as she can, keeping them alive in both body and spirit.

There's a long way to go before Diana will learn everything she needs to and put her demons to rest. But you can expect to see her doing battle every chance she gets, against the forces that try to bring her down. In her spare time, she puts pen to paper, to chronicle her experiences in Malton.

To learn more about Diana Warren, or speak to her yourself, pay a visit to The Order of the Black Rose Forums


There’s a part of Diana’s past that she forces herself to forget. The part she’ll let herself remember begins when she joined the U. S. Army, and served with the Army Medical Department. Her first active assignment was in Afghanistan, where she worked with a team training Afghan military personnel. When the Taliban ambushed them, Diana proved her worth, saving two of her fellow soldiers during the fight. She was awarded the Combat Field Medic Badge in recognition, and her actions caught the attention of her superiors. An impressionable Diana accepted a position with a unit out of the normal chain of command, simply referred to as Task Force 24.

Diana’s first orders were to board a military transport plane to Picatinny Arsenal, in northern New Jersey. Training was conducted in special inconspicuous warehouses dispersed among the research buildings on the base. Her instruction was rigorous and constant. Diana learned to save lives under almost any imaginable situation, and with the most severe of wounds. She was also exposed to comprehensive programs in urban combat and biological warfare. And she was given basic airborne training. It wasn’t easy on her, and many of those who started alongside her ended up failing along the way.

Exceptional camaraderie, however, formed between those who had the discipline to make it though the program. Diana forged a willpower she never dreamed she could have. The fears of her prior life seemed all but behind her, and for the bit that was left, she forced it deep down into the recesses of her memory. Two years passed before the training would be put into action. Task Force 24 was informed at this point that it would be at the forefront of the crisis in Malton. Diana and her fellow soldiers were thrilled to hear the news, eager to fulfill a purpose.

The deployment was to be a nighttime airdrop, from the back of a C-130. Diana and her small team of twelve other Task Force 24 members were given orders to back up the military evacuation effort already under way, and to assist civilian survivors. Conditions weren’t ideal, with some low altitude clouds and a fair bit of wind. Initially, the jump went fine, but as Diana approached the landing zone, turbulence threw her off course. Unable to control her trajectory, Diana ended up hitting a cell phone mast on the top of a building and getting herself entangled.

Left hanging upside down, it took Diana several minutes with her knife to free herself while making sure she didn’t fall. As she cleared herself from the chute and made her way down the tower, her unit encountered the first zombies they had ever met. Diana could hear them fighting the hoard over her radio and then, one by one, the members of her unit cut out. Frantic to get to them, she raced toward their position only to find the carnage of the aftermath. She had no time for grieving as a group of the slaughtering zombies headed her direction, and she had to run.

Diana escaped, but it would only be the first of many retreats. Over the next few days, alone, she began to find her way about Malton. Though it took only a week for Diana to run through her regular supplies and ammo for her assault rifle, her training kicked in. Bent on survival for the long term, she shed all her gear, with the exception of her backup pistol, a first aid kit, and her rations. Diana became lean and fierce. Even her look altered, to blend in with the civilians. She worked as an individual, avoiding tying herself to any group, until her intrigue with Maverick Farrant and the Order of the Black Rose led her to join.

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Diana Warren is a survivor and proud of it.
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