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Hi there. My name is Jess, and this is my player account on the Urban Dead Wiki. I play a whole lot of characters on Urban Dead, and I'm sure you've come here because you've run into one of them. I wonder which one it could be?


Here are your options, in alphabetical order.

Zergling.gif Alt user
This user has alts but DOESN'T Zerg.

  1. ColonelBooterCooter -- Colonel Angus "Booter" Cooter, US Confederate Colonel turned Minister of Protocol, Decorum, and Dueling for the Lumberjacks in Penny Heights
  2. DaneHaakon -- Dane Haakon, former firefighter and current defender of Fort Creedy with the Creedy Defense Force in Pitneybank
  3. Diano -- Dr. Diano Delacroix Cervantes, Fashion Magnate and Leader of the South Paynterton Aces in Paynterton
  4. DoctorFeelgood -- Jim Caruthers, aka Doctor Feelgood, former EMT for Saint Benedict's Hospital in Pitneybank, now a medic for the Malton Forensics Unit of the Department of Emergency Management at Fort Perryn in Whittenside
  5. DuskFox -- Dusk Fox, the Malton Tourist, formerly of the Winchester Boyz but currently on tour and at large in Malton.
  6. Kseniss -- Kseniss, once known as Antron "Tron" Anferny Watkins, former gangbanger turned brain rotter, onetime member of the Militant Order of Barhah and now a ghast of the Ridleybank Resistance Front, currently defending the zombie homeland of Ridleybank
  7. Merg Morgenmerg -- Merg Mergen Morgenmerg, former Professor of Zoology & Ethology at Oxford, now one of the Malton Zookeepers protecting the City Zoo in Ketchelbank
  8. MitchAllTogether -- Mitch Hedberg, aka Mitch All Together, the deceased stand-up comedian performing with the Quartly Study Group at the Quartly Library in Roftwood
  9. Sejes Rath -- Sejes Rath, the eyeless bounty hunter of the Saints, currently in Lockettside
  10. Voudan Curn -- Voudan Curn, the serial killer in red, founder of the Sons of the Wendigo, currently in Chudleyton
  11. Lasher Star -- Lasher Star, falsely accused of PKing and now lying slain in Monroeville. Currently in Newtown.

About Me

Dollar sign.PNG No Freeloading
Diano is opposed to freeloading and has given Kevan his $5 donation

First off, I obviously have a shit ton of characters. I should explain that.

I started out playing DuskFox (Firefighter) because of some friends on a message board. The game was fun enough that I quickly made the characters DaneHaakon (Firefighter) and DoctorFeelgood (Medic), though I hated playing DoctorFeelgood because I wasn't good enough at the game to get the hang of playing a starting Medic. I gave up on him and started playing Diano (NecroTech Lab Assistant) instead.

The D names thing was totally an accident, by the way. Trust me, I've noticed.

So I was playing Diano, DaneHaakon, and DuskFox. The latter two were straight up-and-down fighters, but Diano was a NecroTech Scientist, which was interesting. I ended up hooking up with the South Paynterton Aces as Diano, and found that playing with a group was way more fulfilling. DuskFox was already in a group (Tower of the Sun, for the forum -- they all quit playing, I think), and I was trying to find a group for DaneHaakon, but no dice. I wanted to be in more groups.

I ended up making ColonelBooterCooter (Scout), whose name came from an inside joke some friends and I have (it's not very funny), and MitchAllTogether (Consumer) just to see if I could survive as those character types. I joined the Colonel up with the first survivor group to ask -- the Lumberjacks. I actually joined Mitch up with the QSG because one of them had revived him, and I found that I liked the very quirky, offbeat group.

I made Kseniss (Corpse) because I knew I was playing too many good guys. Because of the groups Diano, ColonelBooterCooter, and MitchAllTogether had joined, they simply couldn't be villains. I flat out wasn't playing DoctorFeelgood, but I decided I'd let him stand around as a zed in places, so people could kill him (I figure, why not help people get XP?). I didn't want to turn DaneHaakon or DuskFox evil, so I created Kseniss specifically to level him all the way up and then buy Brain Rot and be an evil zed. So far that's been just fine.

At this point I had seven characters, which is how it stayed for a long time. DuskFox was the first to hit 41, then DaneHaakon. Not long after that, it was Diano. Around that time I decided to try and level up DoctorFeelgood anyway, and so it was a race between the last four. Kseniss hit 41 first (and then 42 when he got Brain Rot), then ColonelBooterCooter, then MitchAllTogether. Finally, DoctorFeelGood hit 41. Kseniss joined the Militant Order of Barhah.

And that was it, for a long time. DaneHaakon joined the South Paynterton Aces after Diano took over, helping out in Starlingtown until I ultimately decided that was a bad idea. DoctorFeelGood joined the DEM as an MFU cadet. Everyone was in a group, doing something.

It was really boring.

I tried to make it more interesting by going around Malton and collecting unique clothing for everyone, but when that took less than a week to do for 7 alts, I was discouraged.

I decided there were three things I wanted to do. I wanted to join up with the Malton Zoo, I wanted to see what it was like to play a Bounty Hunter, and I wanted to see what it was like to play a PKer.

To that end, I created Merg Morgenmerg (Scout) to eventually level up and join the Malton Zoo. I'm getting there. It'll take time.

I created Sejes Rath (Firefighter) with the intent of playing a bounty hunter, which is exactly what he is.

I also created Voudan Curn, probably my most controversial character ever. He is a PKer who is currently listed as Kill On Site in the Rogues Gallery, and for good reason. I wanted to play a villain, and I certainly got more than I was bargaining for.

Just before Monroeville closed its doors I decided to make Lasher Star (Firefighter) and see how long I could last. Another firefighter? You bet your ass, when it's a Last Man Standing situation. It's the best damn class in the game, and Monroeville offers enough variety on its own without my mixing it up as a dumb class. I have no idea what I'll do with him when he gets ported to Malton, though it seems my destiny may be mixed in with Section 13.

That's my 11 characters, folks. Probably the only 11 I'll ever play. I made some others -- one as a joke (I think it was Joker411), and a cop whose name I can't recall (which is sad). I've donated money for almost all of them (I'll donate for DoctorFeelgood, Lasher Star, and Sejes Rath soon enough), and I think it's important to donate -- after all, this is a really fun game.

For those interested in the actual breakdown of what I play, here it is:

  • Survivors: ColonelBooterCooter, DaneHaakon, Diano, DoctorFeelgood
  • Predators: Lasher Star, Sejes Rath, Voudan Curn
  • Zombies: Kseniss
  • Unaligned: DuskFox, Merg Morgenmerg, MitchAllTogether

Survivors are those who actively revive, barricade, and combat zombies. Predators include PKers, bounty hunters, and any primarily human character who does not fight or defend against zombies. Zombies are obviously characters who primarily hunt humans and ruin buildings. The unaligned characters don't really take part -- DuskFox is all about touring Malton (alive or dead); Merg Morgenmerg just tends the zoo (alive or dead); MitchAllTogether hangs at Quartly Library and is only a survivor inasmuch as he's alive most of the time.


Finger.jpg Take That Extinction!
This user puts their alts in different groups.

I have a lot of alts, and some of them are pretty close together. It actually took me a really long time to learn about zerging rules, during which I'm sure I did a ton of questionable things.

This is how I essentially break down my character's actions to keep them separate.

MitchAllTogether is in Roftwood, in the Quartly Library. He almost never leaves, so it's nearly impossible for him to run into one of my other characters. The only time he heads out is to pick up FAKs and syringes. If the Quartly Study Group goes on tour again, I'll just plan a route that avoids the suburbs of my alts.

DoctorFeelgood is in Whittenside, and that's where he'll stay. He's there to heal and revive, and while he'll go where the MFU needs him, I'm sure it'll be easy to avoid my other boroughs. Fort Perryn is a magnet for trouble, and where there's trouble, there's a clogged revive point.

Kseniss sticks to Ridleybank and the other zombie-claimed territories. I like playing a member of the Ridleybank Resistance Front's Home Guard, and I don't plan on taking him out on any Excursions. Someone has to protect the Rid.

ColonelBooterCooter is permanetly with the Lumberjacks in Penny Heights in the southeast, and it's unlikely any of my other characters will ever go there.

Merg Morgenmerg will ultimately stay in Ketchelbank, at the zoo, with the rest of the Malton Zookeepers.

Voudan Curn moves around a lot out of necessity, but I think he'll primarily be in the west and south. I shall be extremely careful in making certain he never crosses paths with my other characters. The high turnover in ammo necessitates that he sticks near malls, which is a pain in the ass, but I get by.

Sejes Rath also moves around a lot, but he sticks to the southwest (pointedly avoiding Voudan Curn), mainly hovering around South Blythville and environs.

Lasher Star is in Monroeville, so there's no way for him to help the others, anyhow. When he gets ported to Malton... well, I'll figure that out when it happens. Maybe the far northeast?

And this is the tricky part.

DuskFox used to protect Fort Perryn, and when it fell he moved to Fort Creedy, because I wanted to help protect the forts. That meant he was in Pitneybank while I had alts in Starlingtown and Paynterton who frequently reloaded in Pitneybank. Still, he never left Fort Creedy, so I felt I was in the clear. Then Fort Creedy fell, and he got stuck at Giddings Mall during the Second Big Bash. When Paynterton and Starlingtown started falling to crap, I moved him north to Gibsonton, but I got tired of being stuck. I finally decided to keep him permanently "on tour", and he visits landmarks in Malton. It's easy to avoid my other characters because I plan trips for destinations, not residences; I just have him go where they're not, and if they're somewhere he wants to go, I move my alts.

Diano and DaneHaakon, were previously in the same group. This seemed plausible due to some very simple proximity matters. Diano almost never leaves the southern part of Paynterton; he sticks to the Gracewood Building primarily, hunting down syringes and reviving zombies at the nearby cemetery. The only time he ever leaves is to head to Giddings Mall for ammo, and that's pretty rare.

DaneHaakon, though, stuck to Starlingtown. He helped out at the Veryard Building, where some other Aces pitch in, and almost never went north to Paynterton. He was, however, constantly heading to Giddings Mall for ammo. What else could I do? He's a trenchcoater. But ultimately I found it was just too hard to keep him separate from Diano, so I removed him from the group and set him off elsewhere. He ended up at Fort Creedy, and he only really leaves to reload, so he and Diano never cross paths.

It's a weird juggling act, but overall, I just keep my alts in separate suburbs. The ones that are near each other are handled with care.

Player Killing & Bounty Hunting

Until recently, I have been very anti-PK and anti-BH.

I still think Bounty Hunting is fairly dumb. With no system for trade in the game, you're not really collecting a "bounty" on anyone. In truth, you're a vigilante; people are crying out for vengeance against a PKer, and you're going out and revenge-killing that PKer. No money changes hands or anything, so... where's the bounty?

However, lately I've come around to understanding bounty hunting as a measure against asshole PKers. I created Sejes Rath with that exact kind of vigilante mindset. The entire point of the character is to hunt down the PKers who really deserve it, and essentially do to them what they do to others. If this makes the people who got PKed feel better, then great. Of course, the problem is that it's all a judgment call, and you turn into a total opportunist; the real lesson I learned is that Bounty Hunters are just PKers who get away with it more often.

For PKing... well, I think most Player Killers are jerks. Let's be honest, right? They are. The ones who grief revive groups, use dirty tactics (overbarricading, propaganda tagging, relentless singling out of players), and act like bastards just make the game less fun.

I decided to make Voudan Curn in order to create a PKer who was actually a part of the game rather than someone working to spoil it. I was actually inspired by Pathetic Bill, who has become something of a legend in Malton, and I realized that creating a real villain actually adds to the game and makes it more exciting for people who feel it is their heroic duty to hunt down such villains.

As a PKer, I have decided that I will never stoop to low tactics. The character's desire is to kill -- personally, specifically, and directly -- not to make everyone miserable. We'll see how that experiment goes.


Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.

I definitely support the Sacred Ground Policy -- I never attack zeds at a cemetery, and neither should you. Also, rotters hanging out at cemeteries are bitches, plain and simple. That is a really lame, low-class way to play.

Syringe.jpg Planned Revivification
This user or group supports
organized revivification.

As someone who leads one revive group and is a part of several others, I'm pretty big on organized revives. Get to a cemetery or revive point, post up on the DEM Revive Request Tool or Creedy Intelligence Tool, drop a message on the forum of the local revive groups, and be cool. If you're a reviver and you're thinking of reviving a zed outside of a revive point, scan them first and check their profile. If it doesn't say something like "Revive Please!", leave them be (or shoot them -- that's fine, too).

Syringe.jpg CR Whiners Suck
Diano considers zombies who "avenge"/complain about combat revives to be whiny hypocritical babies.

That being said, get over it, whiners. Smart zombies bust down barricades and start biting everyone they can to infect them, because it makes it harder for those survivors to fight back. Smart survivors stab zombies with syringes because it kills them in only 10 AP. It is so ridiculously, remarkably easy to get killed and become a zombie again that you literally only have to stand up, and soon enough another zombie will come along and kill you. Don't get a red ass because someone did everything they could to survive. If you really don't want to be combat revived, then fucking buy Brain Rot, you whiner.

Hoard.jpg HOARD
This user recognizes the difference between a horde and a hoard.
NoLOL.png Grammar
This user or group supports the use of proper grammar and spelling on the Wiki.

Also, learn to spell properly and understand the difference between two homonyms. If you're not a primary English speaker, you get a pass. If English is your first language, at least take the time to write it properly. Poor spelling and incorrect word use just makes you look stupid.

Redcrosssmall.jpg Malton Hospitals Group
This user or group supports MHG in their attempt to restore health care in Malton.

I'm totally with the Malton Hospitals Group when it comes to keeping hospitals maintained and open. You know... even if it is easier to find FAKs at a mall. And what's with that, anyway? Shouldn't it be ridiculously easy to find a FAK at a hospital? This is why Surgery is so damn useless.

Dollar sign.PNG No Freeloading
Diano is opposed to freeloading and has given Kevan his $5 donation

I'm also all about donating if you play regularly. Let Kevan know you love him! He deserves to get paid for this thing! This is especially true if you play multiple characters -- you're also benefitting yourself if you donate!

Mpd.png Report PKers!
Don't let them get away with murder! Register them on the Rogues Gallery.

I honestly think you should report PKers to the DEM. Most of them want the notoriety (why else would they do it?), it helps Bounty Hunters get your revenge for you, and it warns revivers as to who they shouldn't revive. Pretty solid all around, right? Just be careful how you report -- try to block your name out of screen shots so you don't make yourself a target.

Zergling.gif Alt user
This user has alts but DOESN'T Zerg.

Play a whole lot of characters. The game is more fun if you do. Just don't try to use them in direct cooperation. Oh, and be careful -- this game will devour your mind faster than Brain Rot if you're not vigilant. Don't get carried away!

Diano in the Real World

Hey, I'm open to you lot talking to me.

AIM: kseniss

MSN: (also my email)

Y!: simonkiasyd

ICQ: 7316351

So drop me a line.

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