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Dusk Fox, the Malton Tourist, currently on the move.

WinchBoyzLogo2 200.jpg Winchester Boyz Member
DuskFox is an active member of the Winchester Boyz.

Dusk Fox is touring Malton. He came here on vacation, and damn it, he's gonna get his money's worth!

Level: 41

Group: None; formerly a member of the Winchester Boyz

Home Turf: Itinerant

Bounties Claimed: shackyostemite (1)

Who is Dusk Fox?

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Dusk Fox was an American humor columnist and cartoonist from Seattle, Washington. He saved up a bunch of money, worked his tail off to complete six months of work in just a month and a half, and took a vacation to the United Kingdom in order to get away from the "real world" for a while.

His vacation included a bus layover in Malton that just so happened to coincide with Z-Day.

What was Dusk Fox's response? "Fuck that -- I'm on vacation!"

Unwilling to let his good time be ruined, Dusk Fox hooked up with Tower of the Sun, a loose collective of tourists who found themselves stuck in Malton with the zombies. Unfortunately, that team didn't last. You know how tourists are -- everyone wants to see different sights, everyone keeps their own schedule, some of them freaked out and wanted to hole up in barricaded buildings, others decided they wanted to stick it out as zombies. Dusk Fox soon found himself alone, which meant that he had to play it extra-safe when traveling, but everything happened on his schedule.

Dusk Fox decided to set out on a thorough tour of Malton, picking up souvenirs from all over and taking photos wherever and whenever possible. Ever the peripatetic tourist, he nevertheless wanted some sort of "home away from home" to bed down at, if for no other reason than because carrying around a big bag of souvenirs was hurting his back.

Dusk Fox ended up joining forces with the Winchester Boyz so he could find a place to lay his head, and for a while at least he'll be sticking it out in Gibsonton; after all, Dusk Fox always puts in extra work before asking for a favor, and if the Winchester Boyz are going to be watching his stuff while he's gone, he wants to make sure they know he's a solid guy beforehand.

As for what the future holds, it obviously holds more sightseeing. Now that he's got a digital camera and a better understanding of how to move through the city, Dusk Fox is going to take a Grand Tour of Malton, taking photographs and picking up souvenirs. Maybe soon he'll come to a suburb near you!


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