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Professor Merg Mergen Morgenmerg, the Nervous Ethologist of the Malton Zoo, currently at the Malton City Zoo in Ketchelbank

Thinkingmonkey.jpg Friend Of The Zoo
The Thinking Monkey brings luck to friends of the Malton City Zoo!

Level: 39

Group: the Malton Zookeepers

Home Turf: Malton City Zoo, Ketchelbank


Professor Merg Mergen Morgenmerg was born in Warsaw, Poland. After extensive training in the field of Zoology, he joined the Ethology department at Oxford University, eventually joining the research team studying walrus altruism under the oversight of Richard Dawkins. He was in Malton as a stopover before a flight to Iceland, adding music to his iPod in preparation for the voyage, when the power went out citywide.

He only got the Luscious Jackson discography uploaded. It's now all he listens to.

He was originally holed up in a solid cement block of a basement in Darvall Heights, living off of a massive cellar of canned goods and a water well. He had grown especially fond of the peach preserves ("...whoever made those peach preserves was touched by some sort of divine hand"), but found he could no longer take that level of forced imprisonment and eventually left his safehouse.

After much panicked wandering and a few hard lessons about survival amongst zombies, Dr. Morgenmerg arrived at Caiger Mall, where he obtained a large box of spectacles. He currently Has Glasses.

He is now associated with the Malton Zookeepers at the City Zoo, looking after the animals and keeping the bad zombies separate from the good zombies.

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