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Sejes Rath, the eyeless bounty hunter, currently on the move.

No Disintegrations.

Level: 41

Group: The Saints; formerly the only member of No Disintegrations

Home Turf: None; currently in South Blythville

If I claim on you, it's not personal; it's just business. Go get revived, and if you can't get revived, let me know. I'd be glad to get you back on your feet, even if you just come after me and kill me again. After all, that means the hunt's on again, right?

Bounties Claimed: 22


What happened to your eyes?

Nothing. They're right where I left 'em.

No, seriously... what the fuck happened to your eyes?!

I don't really know. The first time I died, something seriously bad happened to 'em. They never quite recovered. I can still see you just fine, though.

Why do you bounty hunt?

For sport. I like the idea of huntin' down Malton's Most Wanted (and Malton's Most Unfortunately Narc'd Out) and keepin' score. It's a game; I go hunt people, I earn points on my personal scoreboard.

You realize there's no such thing as a bounty, right?

You know, I've always said that, and I stick to it. I don't hunt for a payout, because there is no payout. I'm not really worried about reapin' rewards.

Doesn't that make you a PKer?

Pretty much. The difference is, I didn't start it. The people I kill started it.

So... why do you report PKs?

Because you're not worth anything unless you have a bounty on your head, and I'm not the only one playing this game.

Why did you join the Saints?

Because I was invited to join 'em. Seriously, it wasn't a heavy decision; GlennB made his offer, I thought it over, and I joined 'em. I will say that I miss having 'No Disintegrations' in my Group tag (as a tribute to the greatest bounty hunter ever: Boba Fett), but we'll see how the group thing works out.

Don't you care about justice at all?

Sure. I like it better when I'm taking down someone who really deserves it. Then again, one of my alts is a PKer, so I'm actually also playing someone who really deserves it. Either way, it's not gonna stop me from opportunistically taking down an easy target. I'm not that nice a guy.

I'm pissed off at you for killing me/someone in my group.

Okay. Be mad. This is a game; it wasn't personal for me, and it shouldn't be personal for you. Odds are you shambled to a revive point and were back to life within a day. What did you really lose? Also, if you can't get a revive, ask me. I'll come back and revive you myself. I don't hold any grudges against people I kill, so I'm glad to throw in an assist, and I'm not real big on collecting bounties from people on whom I've already claimed.

I'm still going to take revenge on you.

Fine. Just realize that this is going to make you a PKer. I am going to report you, your bounty is going to rise, and someone else is gonna hunt you down. You are essentially signing yourself up to get PKed by more bounty hunters.

My entire group is going to hunt you down.

Well, that's worse. You will all end up on the Rogues Gallery that way, and eventually that's going to get you listed as a PK group. If you do that and you stick in a certain territory, eventually the Malton Marshals will show up and hunt you all down, because that's what they do. For me, it won't be personal, but for you it could be really ugly. I don't recommend it.

Is that a threat?

Not really. Like I said, I don't take this shit personally. I'm not looking to get anyone listed as a KOS PKiller, but if that's what happens in the course of my reporting what I see, well, that's what happens. One thing's for sure; I didn't start it. You were on the Rogues Gallery before we met.

Can I join your group?

Sure. It's a free country. Just don't expect me to lead or anything.

How do you become a bounty hunter?

By taking down your first PKer and claiming a bounty on them. Congratulations.

Can you teach me how it's done?

I'm sure I can. Maybe some other time.

So you must think you're pretty badass, huh?

Not really. I get to hang out in malls in relative safety because I'm not a wanted man. I can reload at leisure, and most of the time there are PKers hanging out right there, waiting to get shot (they need to reload, too). I can take them out at leisure, and really only get one at a time (two if I'm really lucky). I don't have to do a lot of planning. PKers, on the other hand, have to plan. They have to stay alert and watch their backs, and I've seen some of them pull off goddamn miracles of savagery. I'm an opportunist, but some of those guys are fucking devils.

What's the deal with you and extant1?

I came across extant1 by accident after I tracked down a different PKer (shortspace2), and I claimed on him. He IMed me about it on Brainstock and we got to talking, and he proposed that we start up a friendly rivalry. I'm completely okay with that, so now he PKs me any time he sees me, and I hunt him down afterward. I'm all about doing things that make this game fun, and going on a manhunt is fun.

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