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The Rev. Dickie Fux

"Zambah G-zaz! Razrrragz-an! Aman!"

Urban Dead History

I started playing Urban Dead as a NecroTech employee, then made a zombie character named Dickie Fux when I got bored of the breather. I joined the Church of the Resurrection shortly thereafter, and have had much more fun as a loyal Churchmember than I ever did as a heathen Scientist.

Contributions to the Church

My main contribution to the Church has been the writing of a hymn. I also nit-pick the writing on the wiki entry, and answer some of the complaints on the complaints page.


In "real" life, I "achieved" ordination on 15 February 2004 in the Universal Life Church. Since then, I have performed one wedding, for two friends of mine who got married. So, that "Rev." before my name is for real. My name isn't really Dickie Fux, though, thank SZJ.

Zombie Strike

Here is a recently discovered photograph taken of the zombie strike of December 2005.

a zombie on strike

I think I ate that guy. --ALIENwolve 00:43, 23 Dec 2005 (GMT)

Work in Progress

St Mark's Sermon

The following details, line by line, one of the sermons spoken on that day:
Death Rattle Heathen
Brazzaz, zazzaz -- Zambahz!
G-zaz zah -- am mah gargazz.
G-zaz zah -- am mah braag.
Gabbah gabbah gargazz!
Abzarb braag!
G-zaz nah amarh harmanz –
G-zaz amarh zambahz!
G-zaz gab gargazz -- zambahz gabbah gabbah gargazz!
Harmanz nah gabbah gabbah gargazz –
Bah, bah harmanz!
Zambah G-zaz am Rahzrrragz-an!
Aman, zambahz, aman.
Brothers, sisters -- Zombies!
Jesus said -- (this) is my body! (lit. "carcass")
Jesus said -- (this) is my blood!
Eat of my flesh! (lit. Gobble gobble carcass!)
Drink my blood! (lit. Absorb blood!)
Jesus doesn't love (lit. amor) humans --
Jesus loves (lit. amor) zombies!
Jesus gave His Flesh -- zombies eat Flesh!
Humans don't eat Flesh --
Bad, bad humans!
Zombie Jesus is the Resurrection!
Amen, zombies, amen.

Zombie Conjugation

Verb Tense Conjugation Death Rattle Example
First Person Singular am "Ah am hangrah zambah."
Second Person Singular am "Man, nah am zgarah."
Third Person Singular am "Kevan AM zgarah."
First Person Plural am "Gang am hangrah."
Second Person Plural am "Man gang am hamz."
Third Person Plural am "Ahh zambahz am hangrah an zgarah!"