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My Urban Dead characters:

Sane Malk

My very first Urban Dead character started off as a shell shocked fireman wandering the zombie infested streets of Shearbank. After travelling throughout central and southern Malton, Sane Malk eventually succumbed to the zombie hordes and now shambles about as one of them. For some time, he led the small mob of zombies known collectively as the Enemies Of NecroTech (EON). They settled into the suburb of Huntley Heights where they battled a much larger survivor group called the 4-H. EON eventually disbanded though Sane Malk continues to call Huntley Heights his home.


Dirsko Anisimov, a citizen of Russia who was in Malton on business at the time the zombie infestation began. Since the quarantine of the city, he has remained along the eastern border of Malton - praying for the day the quarantine is lifted and he can escape back to his homeland. Seeking refuge, he has thrown his allegiance to a group called the South Paynterton Aces that operates in the suburb of Paynterton.

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