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About Me

My Name's Mike. I've been The DirtMan since late 1987. I was working as an Archaeology Teacher in an afterschool program. I taught grades K-6. Some of the kids were too small to be able to handle the big buckets of dirt. They'd call for the Dirt Man, to help them out. That was me.

After a while the name stuck, and I've been The DirtMan, ever since.

It was only natural that I named my 1st UD character DirtMan, and that I named my UDWiki presence the same.

All of my alt's are paid for, and lead separate lives.

IMHO...If you play...You should pay!


Red Mage.gif Roleplaying Notice
Notice: This User or Group enjoys the RPG aspect of MMORPGs, the category of games that Urban Dead falls into. As such, there is probably quite a bit of roleplaying and/or creative writing on this page and in said User/Group's in-game actions. In other words, if you think the difference between IC and OOC is "One has an 'I' and the other has two 'O's," buzz off.

Balance scale.jpg Fair Tactics Player
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DirtMan has several alts he controls, but he does not zerg.


Level: 45

Locator: Whittensdie
Satellite phone: 894-6261


The DirtMan joined the Zombie Forces fighting in Malton on 2005-10-10. He is a dedicated to the Zombie cause and a member of Feral Undead. BANGARANG! He was previously a longtime member of the Undying Scourge before that group disbanded and becam a Malton legend. He participated in Dia de los Muertos and On Strike with that group. He is also quite fond of Gah Zabbang. His personal motto is Harmanz, ambraz arh Zgaarm! (Humans, embrace our Storm!)

During 2008 Feral Undead's leader Bullgod, gifted me with The Feral Undead Battle Banner, due to my fierce loyalty and willingness to fight for the Feral cause. The banner is formerly the hide of Chad Hipper, an early opponent/snack of the Feral Undead's conquest of Whittensdie.

Zombie appearance

A 20something Punk Rock kid, wearing tattered jeans and a leather jacket with a large Feral Undead logo on the back. A tatty Mohawk, and a chest wound in his Dead Kennedy's T-shirt. Proud bearer of the Feral Undead Battle Banner!

(Note: The Feral Undead Battle Banner is the leader of The Whittenside Medical Corp.'s, Chad Hipper's, hide.)

Survivor appearance

Kind of the same, just less, well, dead!


DM was at a Punk Club in east Malton when the outbreak took full swing. Zombies had broken through the doors and were attacking everyone in sight. He and a few others managed to get out through the back of the building. As they were escaping through the narrow alleyways they encountered a small group of armed militia, and a larger group of Zeds. The militia fired upon the advancing zombies even though DM and his group were in the way. DM took a blast to the chest. As he lay dying a medic stopped to grab him, but was told to Leave the scum to rot with the rest. He must still remember this event, as he attacks the Military even more fiercely than he does civilians. He claims Whittensdie as his home now.

See also: DirtMan's Socks. (Note: UD Supporter, Currently Retired)

ZombieHand.gif Proud To Be Dead
This user is a zombie and proud of it.
Extravaganza.jpg Being Dead
DirtMan is glad to be dead.
FUvulture.jpg Feral Undead
This user or group agrees with Feral Undead. Vultures are fucking cool.
Banana.gif B-A-N-A-N-A-Z!
This user knows exactly what to do with a banana.
DeathValley.jpg Scorched Earth
This user supports the
Scorched Earth Policy.
Cowtipper.jpg Cow Tipper
This user is a Cow Tipper.
Concert.jpg Zombie Karaoke
This undead user enjoys serenading survivors when visiting safehouses.
Bt fort.gif Fort Feral
This user has sieged and smashed Fort Feral.

Biohazard.gif Salt The Land
This User or Group supports the Salt The Land Policy & acknowledges that all zombies should end their day in a ransacked NecroTech building whenever possible.

Mall-in zombie hands-small.jpg

[84,89] - [86,91] (bic) (statuses) (update)
Fort Perryn
Now that escalated quickly.
Spiderzed 20:44, 7 September 2020 (UTC)

Mall-in zombie hands-small.jpg

[78,47] - [80,49] (bic) (statuses) (update)
Fort Creedy
attacked by some ferals and the scourge.
 •Dmulya•  •[talk]•  13:23, 19 September 2020 (UTC)

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heading home after the party.
Please have your brains ready for next time.

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Note: Only DirtMan, Timo Ducca and Taecyeon are currently (10-15-2019) active.

Timo Ducca

A Pantomime Horse

Giggles McButterBean

Shin Hayata


Cool External Links

An awesome List of Zombie Films that I found on the Wiki!

Mexican Wrestling! The Lucha-Wiki Ok, I'll admit I put this here for Bullgod!

The Pantomime Horse Sketch.



I'm The DirtMan, and I approve this message. -- Taecsmall.jpg DirtManT|FU|StäV 15:58, 27 September 2016 (UTC)

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