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Starting Occupation: Science
Group Membership: Black Berets
Goals: To win syringes and influence zeds
Username: DocDiva
More details: Urban Dead profile

Basic Info

Arrived in the City: 2005-11-28 01:02:25 after skydiving from a submarine
Current Status: Very alive, NecroNet enabled


After time as an angsty rebellious punk teenager, DocDiva continued his path as an angsty punk doctor working for NecroTech Inc. After hearing of his cousins' dilemnas (ValDiva, a leader of the paramilitary clown show known as the Black Berets and UnDiva, a young cousin with a taste for blood who, quite naturally, became a zombie), DocDiva bravely offered to skydive in from an experimental combination of a submarine and a plane. Unfortunately, the submarine sprung a leak and crashed after dropping DocDiva off. Ah well, caca happens.

After meeting someone who knew someone who new someone who mew someone who'd met someone who knew someone who'd stayed in a building where ValDiva had stayed once, he found out that ValDiva was now leader of a group of circus clown midgets known as the Black Berets. He's joined the Black Berets but never seems to actually meet his cousin (which basically means, they'll never meet because that'd be too close to zerging).


Heal and revive everyone in Malton. Twice each.

Is looking for his cousins, ValDiva and UnDiva. One he hopes to help, the other he hopes to revive. He hasn't decided which one to help and which one to revive.

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