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Golden Teeth and Golden Tones, WELCOME TO MY PRESENCE!

Doctor Teeth
First Died: Jan. 28th 2007 20:20:57
Profile: Urban Dead profile
Character Class: Zombie
Favorite Weapon: My teeth
Backup Weapon: Animal
Current Status: Walking Dead
Location: Unknown
Group: Doctor Teeth and the Electric Mayhem


I's be the gravelly-voiced leader singer and keyboard player of the muppet rock band, the Electric Mayhem. I have green skin and red hair with, as my name suggests, a large grinning mouth of teeth, including a gold tooth that I fashioned by melting down some of my gold records. I wear a scruffy beard, a fur vest, a striped shirt, and a floppy purple top hat.

GROUP that I belong to

Doctor Teeth and the Electric Mayhem - Though currently, we am, is, are and be only me.. since I am currently trying to find the rest of my clan, man.


  • To ransack churches so that they may be turned into coffee houses for musical jam sessions.
  • To bite as many survivor brains as muppetly possible with my large grinning mouth of teeth. Don't hesitate to run if you happen to see a scary zombie muppet shambling towards you!
  • To find my long lost pals Floyd Pepper, Zoot, Janice, Animal, and possibly Lips from my band the Electric Mayhem. And Scooter, our road manager "We couldn't go anywhere without him, he's the man with the van!" As well as, any other muppet that happens to shamble my way.


You can find Doctor Teeth in Rolt Heights, terrorizing and infecting the not so innocent ones in St Peter's Church.