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The Beginning

Charles Hall, or Dokky as the nurses liked to call him, enjoyed the calm of Malton.. Sure Malton had its busy and bustling center but nothing compared to his home city of Los Angeles. Then the outbreak began... At first no on could make heads or tails of it all but it didn't take long for Dokky to see that the dead were returning to life. He got the fuck out of Dodge while the gettin was good, grabbed the fire axe from the Emergency Fire Station, snagged some first aid kits and looked for a place to hide.

The Disciple and The Awesome

Months had passed and Dokky wandered through suburb after suburb and found nothing but ruin and desolation. Finally resting in a ruined corner of South Blythville, Dokky decided it was time to stop the running and rebuild, fortify and take the fight to the Zombies! It was during this rebuilding that Dokky met a man named Dhavid Grohl and was introduced to the divine force known as The Awesome and its avatar Mark Whalberg . The Awesome was the blinding light in the world of darkness and all of those that hid and cowered in barricaded buildings were bathed in The Suck. The population of Malton needed to be witness and redeemed by the sheer splendor and brilliance of The Awesome. Through Dhavids instruction Dokky learned that the best way to do this was to become a disciple of Mark Whalberg and spray Awesomeness over the peoples faces!

The Now

Balls to the Whalls, needles in zombie skulls and shotguns in The Sucks ass is what Dokky occupies himself with now. Being a productive member of society will get you a FAK, help with your cades or a needle in the neck and being a gk/pk/griefer piece of trash will earn you a shotgun shell or fire axe in the balls.

Dokky works as a proud member of Team Zombie Hardcore alongside his sworn brothers of The Awesome in service of the glory of Mark Whalberg

Dokky preparing a Necro Syringe

FFTZH.jpg Fhoo Fhighter
This User is a Hardcore Rocker for Mark Whalberg!
Malton recycle.GIF Combat Revive Any Person
Oh, C.R.A.P.!

Yet another proud supporter of the Malton Zombie Recycling Program

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