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Donathin Frye
Starting Occupation: Professional Zombie Actor, Ruthless PKer


Group Membership: Red Rum / The Dead
Goals: Become Infamous, and aid in the inevitable zombie victory over all of Malton.
Username: Donathin
More details: Urban Dead profile

The Legend

'The Legend of Donathin Frye'

One lonely day(May 2007), the legend of the zombie-human hybrid... Donathin... began. A Necrotech experiment gone wrong in Ketchelbank's Russell Building, this tortured ex-fireman found his sanity pushed to its very limits. As the unescapable hunger for human flesh and brains continued, not even a life as a traveling performer would end Donathin Frye's pain. Murdered by Private Mark, leader of The Abandoned in Yagoton, Donathin's soul lives on. Sightings of his spirit can be found throughout central and east/northeastern Malton, usually accompanied by brutal displays of murder and ghoulish cannibalism. Now, this ghostly gunman/zombie works by his own law, destined to become as feared throughout Malton as he was (in life) in Ketchelbank and Yagoton. Despite all reason, though, survivors in Chancelwood's Haslock Building claim that an incarnation of Donathin's ghost there, known as "Doc Frye" is actually helpful and not aggressive. Other incarnations of the spirit are known as "Captain Frye", "Killer Frye", "Donny Frye", and simply "Donathin Frye" (the original and most dangerous haunt incarnation of all).

Mothers, hide your children. He is a complicated, chaotic spectre; he loves long walks on the beach, ransacking NecroTech Buildings, and combat reviving unprepared Zombies. He also loves to sing and perform in kiZombie. His love for the stage was fully realized when he became the founding Artistic Director of the Mmm Braanz Tahr, which rocked the foundations of Ketchelbank and The Malton Zookeepers in June/July of 2007, before moving onto bigger and better things. His victories, in both life and unlife, are accounted for below.

Cemetery stones 2.jpg PK Count
Donathin has PKed 503 people.

GKs: 79 Combat Revives: 135 Riots Caused: 13

The Malton Zookeepers: 54 user:Blood_Panther: 6

The Abandoned: 91

Bale Mall: 35 (during Mmm Braanz Tahr performances)

Caiger Mall: 27 (during LUE/Extinction/RRF/Mmm Braanz Tahr seige)

Fort Creedy/Giddings Mall: 42

Major Accomplishments

(0) My personal favorite self-quote of all time:

       You say "Courtesy of The Dead, Abandoned. *pisses out the flames*"
       I was referring to this:

(1) Led the ransacking and Zombah Control over Ketchelbank, marking consistent defeat and retreat of the beloved fluff group, The Malton Zookeepers - for over two months.

(2) Led a small, but focused horde into Richmond Hills, pushing out many of the remaining survivors and turning the town into little more than a Ghost Suburb.

(3) Aided in the 12 hour demolition of Bale Mall in Yagoton, leading the Mmm Braanz Tahr to another successful performance of gore, blood, and harmanbargazz.

(4) Organized local ferals to aid in the first ruining (and record-time defeat) of the great Caiger Mall, fighting alongside LUE and the RRF. Performed the hit bloody musical "Aag!aharma!" for the Caigar Mall Defenders, before eating well over a dozen of them himself. Ransacked Holloms Auto Repair and ransacked/ruined the Wagner Building
Wagner Stronghold Falls after Caiger's Defeat(1of2)
Wagner Stronghold Falls after Caiger's Defeat (2of2)
himself, leading the Tahr to secure several key TRPs to ensure complete victory for the horde.

(5) Organized an attack (and sell-out performance) on Bale Mall after leaving the Caiger area. The Mall, recently retaken by survivors, fell overnight - survivors were left crippled in Yagoton, with embarrassing revive lines and lack of TRP support.

Dawbin Museum Ruined after Bale Mall Falls

(6) Aided in the first destruction of Fort Creedy by player-killing from the inside, madly cackling as LUE and combined forces cleaned out over one-thousand survivors there. Continued to run amok in the nearby Morrish NT and Giddings Mall, killing many other defenders there even as the Big Bash spilled over 500 zombies into the area, eating the leftover spoils of war.

(7) Brought the Mmm Braanz Tahr back to deal utter ruin to Yagoton, again.

(8) One form of the hybrid joined the infamous PKer group, Red Rum, haunting and torturing the survivors at Lumber Mall until fate and executive orders caused him to take a turn - aiding the survivors in a northern exodus to defend against The Dead in Dulston.

(9) Joined with The Dead and his friends on the SA forums, co-ordinating sieges that contributed to nearly bringing all of Malton six feet below the earth, and continues to bring chaos to Malton to honor the greatest zombie horde of all time.

'The Song o' Donathin'

No one knows what it's like
To be the bad man
To be the sad man

Behind dead eyes

'Donathin's Kills'

I've not been consistent enough with recording every kill I've made, though here are some of the better PKs mixed in with some random PKs Here we are:

'Information Minister' [[2]]. [[3]]. 'Atari Techno' [[4]]. 'The Wes Mantooth'. 'David Friend' [[5]]. 'Blood Panther'. 'Captain Killz'. 'Slickster'. 'Goondawg'.[[6]]. 'messerjocke2000'.[[7]]. 'Necroviver72'[[8]]. 'Alh'[[9]]. 'TheBastardSon' [10]]. 'Marzipan Dildo'[[11]]. 'Hellspawn01'[[12]]. 'GenocidalInsomniac' [[13]]. 'Project23' [[14]]. 'BadC0mpany' [[15]]. '80081352' [[16]]. 'Gray Avatar' [[17]]. 'combat revivers suck' [[18]]. 'DocSurvivor' [[19]]. 'Jam Master' [[20]]. 'Macampos' [[21]]. 'Ivana Humpalot' [[22]]. 'lacy3130' [[23]]. 'Doktor Mabuse' [[24]]. 'Iya' [[25]]. 'jords321' [[26]]. 'ReviverJohnnyCash' [[27]]. 'MedSchoolFunkie' [[28]]. 'dedtek' [[29]]. 'Dozing With the Cat' [[30]]. 'Lil Green Man' [[31]]. 'Dann Grimm' [[32]]. 'Du Fu' [[33]]. 'Urbanlord' [[34]]. 'Rafe Bennings' [[35]]. 'jlew2' [[36]]. 'Doctor Tyler Durden' [[37]]. 'copperic' [[38]]. 'Bill Blue' [[39]]. 'mintyoreo' [[40]]. 'MONEY' [[41]]. 'Almos' [[42]]. 'Colonel Oneil' [[43]]. 'Triler' [[44]]. 'Albert Iordache' [[45]]. 'Minion of Crom' [[46]]. 'barnoid' [[47]]. 'OMGitsCHRIS' [[48]]

'Donathin's Beliefs'

Killer.jpg Player Killer
"One kills a man, one is an assassin; one kills millions, one is a conqueror; one kills everybody, one is a god."

This user is a PKer and supports the act of Player Killing.

This user or group is associated with The PKer Alliance
Concert.jpg Zombie Karaoke
This undead user enjoys serenading survivors when visiting safehouses.
Giddings Pker Seige.jpg Battle of Giddings
This user or group was among the murderers that killed unmercifully while the Battle of Giddings raged on.

Dawn dead.gif Salt The Land
This user supports the Salt the Land policy.
DeathValley.jpg Scorched Earth
This User or Group supports the Scorched Earth Policy & acknowledges that all revive points must be razed and their inhabitants killed.

Fire.jpg Hell
This user is going to Hell.

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