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Alive - So, they have accepted me into The Academy now! I've been digging around on the Scarletwood-Pennville boarder for the last few days... But it looks like we're getting new orders to head up to Penny Heights. I actually was a bit too excited and overshot that suburb. So tonight I'm resting in Vinetown's Hartland Bank. It's alright. There are three other people with me and it seems heavily barricaded.
Alive - I cannot believe my luck... While digging in this pile of trash before me, in a rush to find a generator at this Factory, is my diary. My last entry was two years ago?... Has it really been that long? Regardless! I've stumbled into something good here. I've found a group called the MEMS. I asked to join them today. We'll see what they say in the morning.
RRAhhh Baha!
Alive - Wa.. What happened? How did I get here? I remember being trapped outside... Falling sleep.. And now I'm inside The Cator Museum?
Alive - After leaving Calvert Mall I found that I cannot get back in... I'm forced to spend the night outside, in the middle of a zed horde. I had a good run.
Alive - How am I still alive? I've been clawed at, bitten, shot by other survivors, almost mobbed to death and trapped outside. Either I have an angel looking after me or I am luck. I've just been moving back and forth from Calvert Mall to random buildings. I found a DNA Extractor so I've been busy making reports to the NT.
Alive - It was close. A zed got in and tore me up. But I didn't die and the infection is cured!.. I ran into an old friend... An insane old friend, but a friend none the less. Why I followed her, I don't know - But now we are held up in the Maddocks Drive Fire Station in Quarlesbank. The building is caded with no power. We are both tired and aren't going anywhere until tomorrow. 20ish zeds around. I don't feel safe here, it's just me and her - I miss my meat shields.
Alive - Other then the chance of being PKed or drug out into the street by a rouge zed, it's very safe in Calvert Mall right now. I'm just relaxing and gathering First Aid Kits for when I need them next.
Alive - I wonder how the guys in Fabian General Hospital are holding up. Last night some zeds get into Calvert Mall. They killed a few and took out all the Portable Generators.. But everything is back to "normal" now.
Alive - Fabian General Hospital is finally being attacked. All the buildings surrounding it have fallen. There are still plenty of survivors there, but not for long. I FAKed a few people, picked up my bags and moved to Calvert Mall once again. I can only wonder what the zeds will do next if Fabian General Hospital falls to them. Will they head here?
Alive - It's getting a bit hairy now. The horde is getting stronger and most of the buildings around the hospital are falling to them. Doing all I can to FAK everyone who needs it...
Alive - I've been busy healing people at Besly Avenue Police Department and Wild Walk Police Department. They've been under attack for the past few days. It keeps falling, but we're still able to bring it back. Zeds keep mounting, up to 26 out there now. I'm not sure how much longer we have... Looking at the maps and reports, I've settled on St. Louis's Hospital in Chancelwood if it gets any worse here.
Alive - I've been busy helping the fine people at Fabian General Hospital for the last few days. Some survivors from Caiger Mall are starting to show up here, as well as some zeds.
Alive - Little to no change with Caiger Mall - The Latrobe Building is still in ruins as well. Every now and then I'll recognize a zed in the horde. Once again I find myself sleeping in Fabian General Hospital.
Alive - Explored Caiger Mall, still in ruins - zeds everywhere. Made report and went for shelter in Calvert Mall, Quarlesbank. Sidenote: I found a Wolfman Mask and some Stale Candy!
Alive - After I heard that The Latrobe Building had fallen I knew that St. Pius's Hospital was next on the list. I packed up and moved 10NE to Fabian General Hospital in Shuttlebank - Should be safe here until things start to settle down.
Alive - Just made it out of Caiger Mall with three zombies attacking me. Currently in St. Pius's Hospital getting First Aid Kits and regrouping.
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