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Ancient news: Yagoton barricade policy example builds can be found in my sandbox.


Here follows a short description on all characters I play. Do note that this userpage is a template free zone, and as such might be a bit shocking for many wiki users. I probably won't make good on that promise to clean it up... yeah, I will always be a lazy bastard :P


My 'primary' character. Created: 03-10-'05. Member of the Abandoned and defender of Yagoton and the YRC for pretty much his entire existence in Malton.

Class: Military

Level: 41

Goals: Whatever seems in the best interest of Yagoton, Millen Hills, the Abandoned and the survivor populace in general

Allegiance: Former leader of the Abandoned

Status: Active around Yagoton

Current activities: Reviving and random chores.

You see a man whose clothes and llama-shaped pendant make him an unlikely fighter, but the way he moves and acts indicates experience. His eyes still contain a bright spark, a fire alike.

Suddenly he spits at you. Yuck!

Wearing: a blood-smeared pair of glasses, a blood-soaked clerical collar, a blood-soaked black cassock and a bloodstained pair of brown boots

Quotes on Doubler:

  • I have to say that he's a pretty cool guy, I once saw him kill seven zombies...with one Action Point! --Koryr
  • He saved me and the whole Bale Mall once, killing with a hand and eating with another. He's my hero! --Albert
  • He makes Chuck Norris seem like Abby Mcbeal! --Mark


My secondary character who's best described as being an 'adventurer'. Created: 15-01-'06, so he's actually the third character I created. A response to the failed consumer listed below.

Class: Civilian

Level: 41

Goals: Help survivors where they need it, see the sights.

Allegiance: Malton Ranger, pilgrim and former CMS-Meta

Status: Active

Current activities: With the Malton Rangers.

A young man with a strange glow in his eyes, like a familiar spark. A llama badge has been sewn on his jacket. For some reason he carries a plastic tree around, never letting it out of his sights. The tree has red stains and bitemarks all over it.

Wearing: a grey top hat, a bloodstained red tie, a ripped and blood-soaked tweed jacket, a ripped pair of tweed trousers and a blood-flecked pair of black shoes

Badges: The Second Siege of Caiger Mall, the Battle of Blackmore (and subsequent fall of Ackland Mall), The Third Siege of Caiger Mall

Pilgrimages completed:
Bird Boulevard [0, 0]: Visited 12-10-'07 - Cold, wet and dangerous.
Troubridge Cinema [99, 0]: Visited 16-12-'06 - Bad movie but good popcorn.
Pritchard Grove Railway Station [0, 99]:
Nickells Grove [99, 99]:
the Quartly Library [66, 52]: Visited 14-04-'08 - Sorry I couldn't stay longer.


An old, forgotten consumer-class character that never managed to get off the ground, the second character I created (09-01-'06). A year after abandoning him, I started him up again as a fledgling level 0 zombie (with flak jacket).

Class: Civilian

Level: 21

Goals: None for now

Allegiance: The Ridleybank Resistance Front (if I stay active this time, I'll act like it)

Status: I'm trying to keep him active.

Current activities: None for now

A zombie with a burn shaped like a llama on his left arm. Something was carved into his skin below it, but it's impossible to make out what it was. He's missing his eyes. Disturbing.

Wearing: a tattered and blood-flecked red T-shirt, a tattered and bloodstained white jacket, a tattered and bloodstained pair of blue trousers and a battered and blood-soaked pair of black shoes


Former Monroeville survivor.

In memoriam

Class: Civilian

Goals: None

Allegiance: Monroeville Rangers

Status: Dead

Current activities: None

A very scared and fragile looking survivor, who constantly checks the windows. He carries an axe, but you're not sure he's capable of using it.

He occasionally mutters something, but the only word you can make out is 'llama'.

Wearing: a black tie, a white blouse, a pair of dark blue jeans and a pair of black shoes.