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This user or group supports X:00 tactics.



February 24th

Stickling was empty yesterday, so I ventured among my fellows spreading the word of X:00. Today, having heard tell of the attack on Dowdney, I ventured to Santlerville to find the Mall already open and one corner ransacked! Ah, but these are heady days.

February 22nd

Whippey has fallen and Stickling Mall is soon to follow! More than 50 of my fellows sway gracefully inside the ransacked NecroTech and over a hundred inside the Mall proper! Two corners are ransacked! Oh beautiful day, to think that it was I who opened the Whippey Building; to think it was I that uncorked the levees holding my people back; to think that it was we, those who follow X:00, who aided the Mall Tour and joined them toward victory! What more can be requested of unlife?

February 21st

Glorious, glorious day! Whippey was breached—again with my own claws—but instead of the empty victory of being locked inside alone I was immediately joined by 13 of my bretheren! Ah, but it seems X:00 is gaining some notoriety. I can only hope I am at least partially responsible for so spreading the word.

I will likely be killed and dumped outside again, but such is of little importance. They are succeeding, our tactics are taking flight!

February 20th

Bittersweet day today, bittersweet. The barricades on the Whippey Building were a mere inconvenience before the might of my claws and others', and they fell with the satisfying crash of harman dreams. I entered—entered—that thrice-accursed NecroTech facility, but little good was done there. Immediately barricaded inside by some forward-thinking fleshbag, I failed even to level the generator. Ah, but I came tantalizingly close.

No doubt I have already been dispatched and dumped unceremoniously back atop my groaning bretheren. But today was not a loss! I entered a building for the first time, unaided by elder hordesmen! I will yet taste the glorious bite of victory!

Trenchcoater Spotting - Emoch Noh 2

I couldn't believe I actually saw this. I didn't think these guys were real. I hope this is one of those "joke" trenchcoaters. I really hope.
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