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Pescodside [99,18] - [98,16]

the Biggs Arms a junkyard
the Rowson Building the Adkins Motel
Couch Boulevard School Caple Library
Either the Edge, or the end of the world

Tirelessly maintained by The Monolith for decades.

An entry point is available here.

You are able to obtain the following without ever setting a foot up outside:

Alcoholic Beverages

Mobile Phones


Reading Material

Spray Cans

  • Building
    • Blocks titled "the Something Building" are office buildings. They're occasionally a NecroTech front. NecroTech buildings can only be identified as such from the street by characters (living or dead) with NecroTech Employment; characters with this skill will see "[NT]" appended to the end of the building's name.
    • Office buildings are tall enough for survivors to commit suicide from. They also provide a vantage point from which binoculars can be used.

  • Library

  • Motel
    • Windows can be jumped from to turn a character into a zombie. They are tall enough for binoculars use.
    • 50% chance of finding wine.


January 1st 2009

A new year.

A tree in the Library.

Not much activity, a few Zombies mulling around the perimeter.. Control of Inman fluctuating between the Pescodside Defense Alliance and local Zombies. The Hospital to the North appears to always be open.

December 25th 2008

All repaired, and barricaded.

December 17th 2008

Halfway there. Junkyard is Heavily Barricaded

Arms and Central are Extremely Heavily Barricaded

South and out are ruined.

Caple, a 23 AP repair. Couch, a 5 AP repair. Rowson, a zombie inside, a 11 AP Repair.

December 16th 2008

And we're back.. shortly. 12 AP repair on one.

November 16th 2008

Largely ruined from MOB's recent striking in the area.

Repairs will begin shortly.


For alternate lore, See below:

Fort Osko, Named after a Co-leader of the Pescodside Defense Alliance, It's rumored that the PDA used to station troops there.


Dulston contains any thing else you'll need.


Dancey Alley Brokbury Row Fire Station Tanner Auto Repair Sirl Plaza St Odile's Church a factory Whish Way
Lentell Walk Police Dept Leigh Walk
the Prior Monument
the Backholer Museum the Sunderland Museum Farmer Walk the Waish Building Spitter Walk Railway Station Sadley Way Fire Station Huddlestone Square the Jewell Museum Bearcrofte Bank the Petvin Museum
Chaffie Lane School Liminton Plaza Bamford Park Batten Drive Club Godfry Flooks Grove St Matthias's Church the Squires Building Newcombe Towers a junkyard
Witherell Crescent the Lancastle Building Willett Square the Farbrother Building a warehouse Medway Street Acott Crescent Lanning Lane Wyld Towers Morliere Towers
Kempshaw Street the Clewett Building Youl Avenue Railway Station the Holt Building Mermagen Street
Millerd Walk Fire Station Croom Towers the Mapstone Building St Bartholomew's Hospital Hewitt Way
St Ninian's Hospital Gilles Park Ludwell Lane Fire Station the Keats Museum Wedmore Grove the Inman Building a factory Sands Road Foulkes Street
Greenley Alley
a factory Otto Street
Headland Street Fire Station Club Hardyman Featherstone Library Toombs Row Bourder Square Thick Park the Biggs Arms a junkyard
Kitchingman Street Railway Station the Warner Building wasteland the Love Building wasteland the Rayment Arms Gatehouse Road Sellick Lane the Rowson Building the Adkins Motel
Morrhall Alley the Margetts Museum wasteland Groser Crescent Police Dept Rawle Alley a warehouse a carpark Boone Place Couch Boulevard School Caple Library
St Josephine's Church Kemble Lane Railway Station Kearney Drive the Sinclair Motel Tredger Place a junkyard the Mayled Arms a carpark wasteland Winsor Boulevard


Madden Library McKay Drive Rabani Way School the Douch Arms the Crampton Building the Cutte Building
a warehouse Devenish Auto Repair a junkyard Horler Square
the Hanrahan Building Milnerr Plaza
a warehouse the Hamblett Monument Hansford Street McDonell Towers the Tracey Arms Haggas Square Fire Station
Upton Towers Gaiger Plaza
a carpark a warehouse Davers Avenue Lord Boulevard Police Dept
a warehouse the Halberry Museum a junkyard Carew Avenue
Newell Crescent School the Halliday Building Farr Library the Faknaham Monument



Vantar's Safehouse

Frequency:2900 or 2885 MHz

A name?

the Northeastern fortress (The fortress of the Northeast)

the Makeshift Mansion (While no where near as grand)

If applicable, the Fortress of Enlightenment (the FoE)

the Pescodsidian fortress

Looking for sponsors. (Or a grant)


Ideally the Junkyard will be either Very Strongly Barricaded II or Unbarricaded. The rest of the complex, Extremely Heavily Barricaded I-III, if not at a higher level.


User:Dr Cory Bjornson/Sandbox/4/Locationblock

  97 98 99  
15 Sands Road Foulkes Street Greenley Alley 15
16 Thick Park the Biggs Arms a junkyard 16
17 Sellick Lane the Rowson Building the Adkins Motel 17
18 Boone Place Couch Boulevard School Caple Library 18
19 a carpark wasteland Winsor Boulevard 19
  97 98 99