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Sand Dunes

Draft Journals/Backstories

Layout, Outlines

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He grew up in the Neighborhood of Chancelwood, On the North side of town, _. Leading up to the outbreak he was preparing for a NecroTech Conference in the south-east side of Malton.

"He carries a pair of Binoculars, a map, And a solitary book with a blank, blue-creme cover."


Trapped in, Relieving, Wandered for days, Until he ended up in Dulston. ELT,

Hoping to follow in the foot steps of Caleb Usher.


A member of Aperture Science flown in to Monroeville, Unfortunately, The Craft he was traveling in experienced a mechanical Failure and crashed somewhere near Miracle Mall. Slightly Scathed, He crawled out of the wreckage, and heard the cake party going on at Miracle Mile Mall. However, while sleeping, One night, The lights in one corner of the mall went out, A solitary Scream out of the darkness, And many -NAME following it; He fled to a nearby Hospital and continued his studies there for a time, Helping out there, Until he was infected while trying to scan a Zombie with an impromptu device and returned to the ruined Hospital, dieing on the pavement.


Began on the 19th of August, At Barter Road Fire Station, West Greyside.

A fire man.

"It appears to be a small creature of some sort concealed under a mass of flowing robes."


Logs over the past few days:

Took shelter at Glover Library while gaining Axe Proficiency.

Then moved to the Malton College of Medicine campus.

August 25

Killed two zombies after returning from camping for two days.

August 31

Attained Free running, and both mall related skills. And thus, level five.

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