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This is my sandbox where I can mess around with stuff.

Umbrella Corporation
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Abbreviation: UC, Umbrella Corp.
Group Numbers: 50-55
Leadership: Chairman Davis, CEO.
Goals: Research and development, similar to that in Raccoon City.
Recruitment Policy: Our Policy is detailed below, but you can apply at our forum.
Contact: Through our forum, or through any of our employees in Malton.

"Nothing is impossible"

"Welcome To The Umbrella Corporation. Our Business Is Life Itself."

"Our Business Is Life Itself"

About the Umbrella Corporation

We are a dedicated pro-survivor group based out of Ruddlebank. Our goals are helping humanity, shooting zeds, having fun, growing in numbers and strength and having random discussions from time to time about world affairs, among other things. And yes, our group's name is a reference to the fictional Umbrella Corporation that plays a large role in the Resident Evil/Biohazard games.

  • We are a relatively old, yet multi-cultural group with a rich history. Founded in early 2007, we have made our name in Malton with members joining us from all over the world from the likes of South-Africa, Denmark, the UK, the US, Brazil and the Netherlands. For better or worse, the other groups in Malton know who we are. We have taken a firm position and our reputation precedes us.
  • We play and hunt regularly at different hours because of the different times zones.
  • We offer different roles for everyone, regardless of level or class. We'll give you all the training necessary to be a hardcore zombie killer, field medic or even climb up our Corporate ranks and fill high level positions. Because we're geared towards training, development and growth, we're always accepting new members to the Corporation.
  • As for in-game, we are an experienced Survivor group. We have assisted in plenty of Mall & Fort sieges, dealt with pesky PK'ers and have executed more guerrilla tactics (and zombies) than we care to count. We know the game, and we want to know you.
  • Watch our promotional video

Umbrella Corporation's Hall of Directors Link

  • We also have our very own suburb!

So if you are interested in becoming a part of the Umbrella Corporation's cause, submit your application for membership here at our forum

Umbrella Corp. Main Operating Location

Handley Towers
Umbrella Corporation H.Q.

Ruddlebank [15, 82]

Jarman Lane Corp Boulevard Railway Station
Umbrella Corp. Entry Point
the Holmes Arms
Platoon H.Q.
Pember Grove Handley Towers
Umbrella Corporation H.Q.
the Rabjohns Hotel
Edward General Hospital Ashbee Avenue the Coopey Building
  • Umbrella had originally operated in the suburb of Molebank and after the 5th of November operation, Umbrella relocated to Shearbank's Stickling Mall as their base of operations in late 2007. Survivors were still welcomed to find safety at Stickling Mall, but the headquarters were moved to the Rush Building in South Shearbank, for operational purposes. Barricade policy still remains the same, and needs to be kept at E.H.B. You can find an entry point at the Fitkin Hotel or Luckraft Cinema. Umbrella Corporation have once again moved its headquarters, leaving behind the Rush Building, which served as the headquarters for the corporation for over a year, to a new undisclosed location. Umbrella Corporation will never forget it's time in Shearbank nor will it be likely that Shearbank will soon forget our presence.

  • Umbrella Corporation Headquarters: Handley Towers
  • Umbrella Corporation Labs: Classified

  • Umbrella Laboratories were recently revealed to the public when they were accidentally discovered in early February 2008. The Nisbet Building is located directly across from the ex-Corporation headquarters in Shearbank and is maintained and barricaded at E.H.B. with the entry point at the Fitkin Hotel.

Omega Platoon Flag Omega
Victor Platoon Flag Victor
Sigma Platoon Flag Sigma
Whiskey Platoon Flag Delta