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Private Dick - Det. Marlowe - Zombie Noir Detective

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Det. Marlowe
Joined: Unknown
Character Details: Det. Marlowe
Current Level: 37
Character Class: Police
Favorite Equipment: My 2 I keep filled, the other keeps me filled
Favorite Weapon: Pistol
Backup Weapon: Axe & my phone, can always call for back up
Current Status: Resting
Location: Penny Heights
Kills: Too Many to remember
Revives: A lot of C.R.A.P.s
Deaths: 10+
Group: DSS
Catch-Phrase: None


That first day I awoke in Malton,everything had changed. I got up and splashed some water in my face. I needed some coffee, I needed a lot of life insurance, I needed a house in the country. What I had was a hat, a coat and a gun. I got dressed and went looking for trouble. I mean, sure, I could have stayed a cop...if I was half as smart and twice as crooked.

Current Status

Current Status

Objective(s):Was working with DSS assisting in the removal of drug resistant zeds, you know, the ones that smell like bleach & death; currently taking a sabbatical
Location(s): Currently, in Ruddlebank, getting RP killed...damn putzes!!!.
Long-term Goal(s): Turn the tide against the scum of the earth, living or dead



I got to find me a good trench coat

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