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A doctor specializing in Amputations. In his early days, he roamed Malton, offering his services to area hospitals. He soon found himself amongst the Knights Templar of Kempsterbank where he helped heal and treat wounded survivors. He also helped with clearing revive queues. It was not long before he became disillusioned with the KT and watched as they self destructed. With the group in limbo and communications lost, he left Kempsterbank and slowly began to grow bitter towards the population he was supposed to help. Whatever light was left in Dr. Summeroff's soul soon went out, his heart replaced by a dead, cold blackened thing. And so it was he joined the Sociopath Apostles and went on a horrific murder spree putting his surgical skills to use on live subjects.

The Apostles, sadly, disbanded leaving the DR. homeless again. No longer with a purpose, his life came to a grisly end in Crooktown. There, he remained down for 4 months before being recommended to The Forgotten by an old friend. No longer filled with purpose for the pro-survivor cause nor filled with the sense of routine slaughter of the PKer, the CKer way gives Summeroff a happy middle ground.

January 2010 - The good Dr. returns with a vengeance and a new purpose. After a long time spent amongst the err..uh....monks somewhere, he along with ex-FOD Aesir Motz and Rob Collick discovered a horrible truth. The Zombie menace is but a mere nuisance next to the awe inspiring and destructive power of the THINGS that live in the sea. Only through offerings and sacrifice can those terrors be kept at bay. And so, MARCH INTO THE SEA is formed.

MITS.jpg March into the sea
This user is a proud member of MITS. Will you be our next offering to the sea?

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This user is a proud member of MITS

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