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Drake Darringer
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Joined: 2005-09-14 06:13:30
Character class: Cop
Favorite equipment: FAK and Flak
Character profile: Urban Dead profile
Current status: Alive
Character group: None
Character stats: Unknown
Journal: No journal for Drake Darringer

Disclaimer: I've tried to make sure the parts of this document that are biased have been clearly marked as being the in-character opinions of the character Drake Darringer, not the player behind the detective. Relax, everybody. It's just a game. --Drake Darringer 07:50, 23 March 2006 (GMT)

This is something of a manifesto for the Maltonian survivor known as Drake Darringer. You'll find here a brief personal history of the constable, what his views on his present suburb are, and perhaps a few other tidbits of information.


Before the onset of the zombie hordes, Drake was a newly recruited detective in a southern suburb of Malton (note: to be honest, I can't even remember where). In a perilous three day journey, he travelled north to meet up with several friends staying in the suburb of Shuttlebank, in the Borrows Bank. This small group of less than a dozen survivors became the Borrows Bank Defenders and together they withstood a number of feral zombie attacks. They also did their best to aid the nearby police department at Lock Boulevard, which often came under attack.

This all changed when a fellow named DonnieBaker came to the bank, and though the details are hazy, the end result was that he murdered Drake's friend, Mover. The group soon discovered that mister Baker was the leader of a group staying at Bale Mall in Yagoton, known as the Bale Mall Elite. Drake and Mover were adamant about seeking revenge, while the others held survival as a more important goal. The group separated, first switching their name to the Shuttlebank Defenders in an attempt to avoid BME soldiers, then later the Borrows Bank Refugees. Their current locations are unknown.

What is known is that Drake and Mover pursued their vendetta with a grim determination. On several occasions the leadership of the BME--DonnieBaker and Evil Kadaver--came into their sights, including one memorable occasion in which detective Darringer killed DonnieBaker as he stayed in the mall, who then promptly rose from the dead, was killed a second time, and dumped outside.

This continued for some time, as Mover and Drake killed and were killed by the members of the BME. It is not known whether those who followed Baker knew of his past transgression.

The bloodshed and propaganda continued on both sides until Yagoton became the scene to a number of gruesome battles against encroaching zombie mobs. Drake fought with the Yagoton Revivification Clinic as it was attacked by The Gray, and eventually he fell back to Bale Mall, seeking a truce with the BME that together they might defend it against the approaching zombies of Mall Tour '06. He was promptly shot in the back. Bale Mall fell in less than 24 hours. Few survived the massacre that followed.

Drake realised what a fool he'd been. He was so wrapped up in vengeance that the true threat to humanity--the zombies--had been ignored. In an attempt to redeem himself, he travelled south to the famed Caiger Mall. It was the last surviving target of Mall Tour '06, and had already withstood a concerted zombie siege before. There he learned what it took to make a stand.

There was little to do in Caiger, and Drake soon returned to his adopted home suburb. As flawed as it was, it had its good points. This brings us to the next section.

The History, as told by Drake Himself

Drake tells us his history in the typical cheesy first-person narrative style of a bad noir pulp mystery novel.

It was raining. I hate the rain. It's hard to light a cigar.

Ever since that dirtbag from Bale Mall passed through and put a bullet in my friend Mover, it had been raining. I hadn't eaten a decent meal in months, and my trigger finger was getting mighty twitchy. That happens when I go into nicotine withdrawal. Damn rain.

But none of that mattered. I swore I would find the guy--Donnie Baker, his name was--and show him that guns don't end arguments, they just make 'em more painful for limpdicks like him. I'd tracked him back to his HQ at the Bale Mall in Yagoton. It had been a nice place before the outbreak, but now it was home to his gang. They called themselves the Elite. Heh. I'd be in and out before they could stop scratching their asses.

It was easy, crawlin' through the barricades. Everyone thought I was just another refugee. Before he knew it, my good pal Donnie had his brains blown out. I stood back, admiring my handiwork, when that stubborn mother stood right back up. Never seen a corpse turn zombie so fast. I guess it was bred in his bones to betray humanity. So I pumped another few rounds into him, and when he dropped dead, I dropped his corpse from the rooftop. It felt good. It felt real good.

After that I stayed in Yagoton. Why, I don't know. I got to like it, though. It almost felt like... (bleh, tired. finishing later.)

Yagoton, and a Manifesto

There are many reasons Drake wishes to keep Yagoton as his home. The Yagoton Revivification Clinic is one of the most organized and efficient in Malton, the local groups such as The Abandoned seemed coordinated and reasonable in their dealings with other survivors, and for the most part the citizens are friendly.

But in Yagoton there is a problem. Like a festering cancer, Bale Mall has been the scene of numerous turf wars throughout the history of the zombie outbreak. Drake's concern is that with groups like the BME, The Neon Knights, and possibly others all vying for sole control of the mall, the whole of humanity suffers. His belief is that in a city where no one is strong enough to enforce the laws they make, those laws should be scrapped, and that enlightened anarchy is the path to survival. Mutual cooperation among survivors is possible, as was demonstrated to Drake in Caiger Mall during its two successful stands against organized zombie incursions.

His old enemies in the BME are long gone, but Drake fights on. Not against any individual, but against what he sees as fascism itself. The graffiti in Bale Mall says at times "The BME protects you from PKers", "No bounty hunters - The BME", or "No killing in the mall - BME". In Drake's mind, how can any of these messages be taken seriously? The BME is not strong enough to enforce their dictatorial edicts, but still they try. Is it not any survivors right to protect themselves against PKers? Why try to restrict that? What of bounty hunters? They are rarely sent after those who have done no wrong, so why ban them? As for killing in the mall, any sensible citizen would do no such thing, so why bother proclaiming such things?

The slogans simply reinforce the message that there is an organization in the mall trying to impose its will on those who call the building home, and to Drake that is wrong. That is a restriction of his freedom, however ineffectual, and it earns those who proudly puff out their chests no respect from the detective.

And so he will fight. And he will kill. He will kill and kill again until even the BME doesn't want to be the BME, and once again the good citizens of Bale Mall can be free to act in any manner they see fit--then and only then can they work towards the common goal of ending the zombie menace, once and for all... or so Drake thinks. On that day, he will extend the hand of peace to any who were in the BME, forgetting all past feuds, looking only towards a better, brighter, triumphant future.

BME Members: Confirmed, Suspected, and Sympathizers

Confirmed Members

Suspected Members

  • Chris DK


Interesting Links

The Anti Cheater Alliance: It seems that Drake's not the only one having problems with BME's methods. Their concern seems to be more OOC than IC, though, as they deal with meta-game cheating, as opposed to BME's in-game policies.

The Disciples of Zeko: A bizarre death cult operating in Yagoton. If Bale Mall ever becomes a safe place again, Drake might check into these guys. Check into them... with guns blazing!

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