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AGT -- Goes by the moniker 'Agate', rather then his pre-outbreak name.

Agate was an early victim of Malton's first outbreaks, succumbing to unlife even before quarantine and physical isolation cut the city off from the rest of the world. Some time around mid October '05, he was combat revived in the vicinity of Scarletwood, with enough cerebral degneration to cause him major problems with pre-outbreak memories, as well as some cognitive functions. He remained isolated from other survivors and subsisted off of scraps until he met KTFE, a former good friend who began to coach him to better mental and physical health.

For the most part of winter '05/'06, he and KTFE subsided at the Cosway Hotel with Woody Tobias Jr. (MIA), and was joined by various other survivors--Drake Austin, Werdnari (MIA), Theokor, John Z. Delorean, Kinrrataiyath (MIA), and Fa Whitecat being amongst them. During spring and early summer '06 he and those that had survived the winter were made victims of several organized horde-movements through the Grayside Area, and eventually were forced to move out of the suburb.

Travelling North-East, they found shelter with Camo Hog and Kel'lia Noyotov (MIA), and after a short stay at Camo Hog's 'Fortress Del Soul', the entire group eventually began to make their ways south again.

Currently, Agate is in fair health, but surviving. His body doesn't react as well to the contents of a revivification syringe as some other people do, so with each progressive revive, he obtains more scars and health-problems.

He has very little regard for tact, and tends to get himself into trouble when talking--especially around trenchcoaters. Despite this, if one can get around his poor manners, he has a good eye for bargaining and foraging (a consumer whore indeed!) He also knows a great deal about street-level medication because he's spent almost all of his time treating bites and scratches, wounds caused by accident, and post-revivification 'therapy'. He isn't necessarily a gossip, but he tends to keep his ears and eyes open for his fellow survivors.

While he and KTFE had long since become partners, in late summer '06 both experienced a pregnancy scare. At this point it's unknown whether or not KTFE is actually pregnant, or if she'll survive to term. In encountering Agate, he will invariable act protective of her, or be seeking further information about how to deal with such a burden inside Malton's boundaries.

Fa Whitecat -- A civillian who knows too many god damned tricks for her own good. Cheerful and sometimes too friendly, she refuses to pick up a gun and only uses close-range weapons. Currently in the Gulsonside area, often spotted with Agate and KTFE.

Tom Mullen -- Mullen is one of your typical meat-grinder cannon-fodder military men thrown into Malton at an early date. He's pretty well abandoned what orders he was given, but remains helpful and friendly if approached. Currently in the West Boundwood area.