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A Little Composition Book

You find a small, b&w Cow-print book lying just below Driaquer's arm. It looks like you could easily remove it while he's sleeping, and read what's in it...

Peer Into the Pages

July 2007


Well, this was an interesting idea! Never kept a journal before, but I guess this will be a good idea. Tell stories, ya know? (God, I must be going insane- I'm talking to a piece of paper!)
Well, as usual, Bale Mall is filled with people with bite and claw wounds in need of some treatment. Most of the so minor they actually look healthier than some of the newer faces. But, what do you expect?
Here's a little insight to my day:

  1. loot drugstore
  2. heal humans
  3. rinse
  4. repeat

Boring, huh? Well, its a lot more active than swaying in a mob of at least thirty other zombies just waiting for a revive.
Well, once I get the guns loaded again (Yeah, like that'll happen), I guess I could jump outside and blow off a few heads for the hell of it. Just to liven up the day. Click-Click-Boom


Well, this is a shame. I just saw some bastard kill someone here. Its a shame. We're here, working our asses off, trying to hold the mall, and this bastard goes and kills one of us. Why? Is the task not hard enough already? You want more of a challenge, buddy? Dodge my bullets.

This reminds me of when I killed that annoyance Betaguy. He is sitting there in the corner of the mall, and I know him to be anti-electricity, so plug him, and toss the body off the roof. So then this retard gets revived, comes into the mall, blows the power, and then ingeniously says, "Don't kill me". Yo, dumbass! We killed you BECAUSE you destroy our gennies! So the people at the mall killed him at least twice before he begins to kill those at the mall at random*. But who gets pegged as a murderer? Me and a friend of mine. Hell, Beta is even in Red Rum again. RR even claims the goal of killing everyone; HOW are the ones that kill him evil?
Anyway, I should probably leave some room for later tonight, so I'll stop here for now.

Well, Betaguy is here, now, and there's a tag proclaiming my being a murderer. Ah, what the masses will say. Murder on behalf of the Populace, and be shunned, but murder on behalf of Revenge...

*I have received information that the people he seemingly picked at random were actually killers in their own right. My, the things you learn each day!


(The whole page seared with blood, so reading is a bit difficult, but still possible)
That bastard! I heal betaguy, *hoping* that he would accept my offering of a truce due to Mall being under attack, but no. He comes in, drops me to 4hp, and then loudly announces that I'm on rogues. When is he going to get it through his head that NOBODY CARES??? You know, if he hadn't done that, instead of healing myself, I could have worked on the 'Cades and the one Zed that got in with the breakin. I get it, you were a PKer, and you want everyone who PKs you to know how it feels to be a PKer. Well, too
((big blood smear here, illegible letters marked with "*"))
*u****g ba* ya r***de* f***! **u ar* the o*** *ne tha* gi*** a ***t! Wh* d***'t yo* ta** y*ur *u**i** crus**e *lsew****!*!
Someplace that ISN'T trying to hold a mall! Someplace where people like me aren't NEEDED! As it is, I extended you an offering. You slapped it out of my hand.
(scrawled in the margin, you see "I don't care how many times they want to kill me, this asshole isn't going to breath again!")

However, my vengeance will have to wait- he finally figured out what a "Truce" means. Oh, well... Cades have dropped all day long, but we have remained in ownership. Thank God. We'll be staying here much longer than you think, zeddies!


Despite his petty attempts to get the Mall to turn on me, he has failed. Despite trying to get Zombies to kill me, he has failed. This is what I loudly proclaimed to the inhabitants of the SW corner:
"Betaguy, quit being counter-productive. We all know I PK'd you. GET THE @#$% OVER IT!!! Try swinging your axe at something already dead instead of me! Repair the barricades! Dump a Body! You're lucky I'm saving my ammo for *Proper* Targets. And until you greif, I'll let you live. Even though weakening Survivors is a form of greifing, I'm letting it slide. PKing me, even though I have a bounty of 2, will probably bring the mall down on you. By the way, I didn't do the artwork, but pat on the back whoever did!"
Someone had spraypainted "Betaguy is a PK, Kill on Sight" on the wall. I loved it. But he has yet to actually PK. Weaken me, yes, but I cannot call foul play due to some circles *cough*DEM*cough* that think I'm evil. I wish that ASS was still around. You need to be weeded out.

The survivors in the Mall are beginning to hate him a lot! Soon, I shall kill you. And I'll provide many a IWitness report of you being a pest in Bale.

On a lighter note, I a proud to say that we have held the Mall despite constant breakins and such. If it weren't for the current tag, I'd re-paint my picture of a man yelling "You Shall Not Pass!" at the 'Cades.

February 2008


Wow, I forgot I even had this thing. Time flies. OK, well, Bale was eventually lost, but we retook it. I forget whether that was before or after the LUE Horde came through. Whatever. The point is, the entire 'burb and the surrounding area got beat to Hell. I somehow was able to flee through the Chaos, and reach Dowdney Mall. While there, I spent a long and joyous time with the members of ULC, until they left to help fight off the Mall Tour horde at some other mall.

Needless to say, things got quiet. Then, to fix this, something like forty PKers came to town. Some heads were rolled, some people got labeled Retarded, and in the end, I was able to get my debt for killing Betaguy payed off. Rah.

So, I was just twiddling my thumbs, secretly wishing someone would start something- I had finally gotten all 10 Pistols and 5 Shotguns FULLY loaded- when I heard that someone from the Milkmen was looking for those of us who were still active. So, I rushed up to the Smith Arms in Lamport. And I dozed. For how long, I don't know, but when I awoke, there were 14 zombies swaying in the building, which was now ruined. Yes, I did chuckle at them ignoring me when they originally broke in, but I did it as I ran to leave. I made it to Bale again, and things are looking quite normal again...

Or, at least, Normal for a Zombie Apocalypse, that is...

On a lighter note, I have found humor in our terminology for some things. We call things by names that make almost no sense. Sometimes, I get the strange feeling that, by using these terms, I'm breaking through some barrier. Meh, I'll leave the psychological aspects of this world to the psychologists (^_^)

Oh, yeah, I draw text-character smilies now, and I have no clue why...

Slipping away

Carefully replacing the book under his arm, you accidentally wake him. After quickly telling him a BS story about checking for wounds, he drifts off again.

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