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Suggestions that I just Won't Suggest

Ever have a good idea, but think it's too silly to try and get it passed, or like it too much to let it get ripped to shreds on Talk's Discussion page? Well, I have plenty of times. If you like any of them, just drop me a comment on my Talk page.

A Realistic, non-Magical Crucifix Use ((Joke))

  • Affects: Item- Cruci.
  • First off, read this: THIS IS NOT MAGICAL IN ANY WAY

Ok, now, read the actual suggestion:

  • Add the abillity to throw the small, wooden object that has sharp corners at a target for a 5% chance to hit AND do 1 (one) Damage to the target. Yes, this is worse than an unskilled Punch.

A 'Drag' for Humans ((Real Deal))

  • Affects: Survivor Skill
  • Ok, this will grant a new skill (possibly under Body Building) to be used by survivors to drag those outside inside (the opposite of Feeding Drag).

Why? Because, under the current system, the most you can do for someone who's sleeping outside is kill the zeds around them, heal them, and then tell them of a good safehouse. This ability would let you bring them inside, thus ending many more deaths and removing the need for many a syringe.

Restrictions May Include:

  • Costs >1 AP (maybe 2 or 3 (due to barricades and such)
  • VSB++ max for entering
  • 5-10 HP dmg to drag-ee (bump head on doorway -ow- bump head on chair -ow-...)

Sniping for Dumbies ((Response))

  • Affects: Survivor Skill
  • Ah, I LOVE the "Instant Flaming Spam" suggestions ;D

OK, so, here's how it would work:
First, the New Skill:
Sniping- Be under Military skills, and require Adv. Shotgun AND Adv. Pistol training to purchase. Standard XP costs apply.
Now, once you have this, you have access to a new option- Find Vantage Point. You can do this in any building that allows the High Dive. Finding a vantage point uses 3AP, and has a 25% chance of success (Locked windows, overly exposed to the Elements, too high, etc). Once you succeed, you are in the Sniping position.
OK, you with me still? Good! Now, here's the Info on it:

  • Firearms will actually attack, Melee attacks cause you to go Skydiving. No If's, And's, or But's...
Simple: Guns are long-range weapons, Melee attacks are short range weapons.
Oh, and Berricading and Searching cannot be done from the Sniping position. Both of these just give error messages (You aren't able to do that in your current position).
  • You can ONLY shoot at targets outside the square you are in.
If you can't shoot at someone >1 block away when your Z-Axis is the same, what makes you think you can when it isn't?
  • You only know the NUMBER of people INSIDE the building
This goes along with the shove attack listed later.
  • Zombies on your contacts list are only shown as part of the group there. Only Survivors on your contact list are named separately. The rest appear as n survivors
You're either shooting at a Zombie, or you aren't. Hight makes the distinguishing features barely noticeable.
The display would be something like this: From your current position, you can make out x Zombies, and y Survivors. You recognize ExampleSurvivorBob and ExampleSurvivorFred among them.
  • Accuracy is reduced by 15%
Increased wind, longer distance, uncomfortable position, etc. All of these make it harder to hit things.
  • Anyone INSIDE the building can shove you off the building (100% accuracy, 60HP damage, body automatically dumped outside) while you are still in the "Sniping" position.
You probably aren't paying much attention to what's going on behind you... And somebody could easily shove you through that window...
This would kill you, and place you outside the building.
  • Anyone outside can shoot at you (Firearms attacks), but they have a -20% accuracy for all shots
You have cover, they don't. Simple as that.
  • It costs 1AP to leave the Sniping postilion.
No free lunch- You still need to shut the window, stand up, and probably stretch.

Now, this provides a LOT of good little reductions in usefulness. Mind you, this is mainly in response to the recent influx of "Sniping" ideas going around. People, at least make things REASONABLE. All this needs is a way for Zeds to fight back, and it'd be balanced (IMHO).

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